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Wedding Ideas - Tips and Tricks to Help Make Your Wedding Day Perfect

Wedding Ideas - Tips and Tricks to Help Make Your Wedding Day Perfect

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You have probably been dreaming and thinking about your very own wedding day from adolescence, and now you have found the partner of your dreams and it is all coming true! You want your wedding day to be the most perfect day ever, so we have compiled a few handy hints to think about to make sure your wedding day is exactly what you are dreaming of.


• Make a Folder

Make a folder for all the multitudes of wedding information you will gather. Pick up a concertina style file from any office stationery shop and label the sections according to the different aspects of your wedding. Eg. Make a section for venues, one for invitation samples, one for flowers, one for cakes, one for dresses, one for cars, photographers, bonbonniere ideas etc. etc. Place any quotes, information or clippings you collect from magazines, advertisements, etc into sections for easy reference later on in the planning process. Planning everything early, leaves you less stressed, stops you from becoming a 'bridezilla', and allows you to enjoy the experience of organizing your own wedding.

• Save the Date cards

Sending Save the Date cards early are an excellent way to ensure all your family and friends will be available to attend your wedding day. Send them to all intended guests as soon as you choose a date, even before your have your Invitations and Stationery printed.

• Keep a Wedding diary

By writing everything down including appointments and deadlines in a wedding planner or diary, you will not forget to do anything and not miss any appointments.


• Wedding Stationery

Include with your Wedding Invitation all the information your guest will need to attend your wedding. Items such as Wishing Well cards, Gift registry information, handy returnable R.S.V.P. cards, accommodation information and directions to the various venues you have chosen for your special day. Using Invitation accessories saves you money and time without having to make a multitude of phone calls to inform guests of important this information. Theme your wedding stationery to match your venue or favourite colour, or flower. Your theme can be used in many aspects of your wedding. From the invitation, to the wedding attire, cake decorations, reception table d├ęcor, and post wedding thank you's.

• Guest accommodation

If the wedding is out of town, or you have people coming from a long way to celebrate with you, many guests may need overnight accommodation so when booking accommodations for your self, many hotels or motels will allow you to make a block booking to be confirmed later.

Guests will appreciate the help with these arrangements and the details can be included on a specially printed card that can be included with the wedding invitation

• Some handy Emergency items for the day.

Make sure some one close to the bride (probably Mum or a bridesmaid) has an emergency kit on them with, band aids, paracetemol or head ache medication, a spare inhaler for asthmatics, or spare insulin or special medications that may be required in an emergency by anyone in the bridal party, a needle and thread, scissors, tape, extra button for wedding dress and extra panty hose for bride and bridesmaids. Clear nail polish is great for stopping runs in panty hose. A bottle of water for bride & groom to drink is also a good idea.

Baby Wipes are great for the bride to use, as they are excellent to remove makeup and other marks from your wedding dress without leaving stains. Include a Crochet Hook for the bridesmaids or Groom to help you with your Wedding dress buttons and hooks. Some wedding dresses can be very tricky to get in and out of, with plenty of tiny buttons and hooks, so send a crochet hook along so someone can help you undo the buttons on the wedding dress if required. Wedding shoes can become very uncomfortable very quickly so wear your wedding shoes a few times before the wedding around home, and try to scruff the soles a little so they are not slippery on smooth surfaces, even wear socks so they will stretch a little. Scotch guard shoes so they do not get marks and can be easily cleaned.

• Disposables cameras

Your guests will love disposable cameras placed on the reception tables. They will pick them up, snap away and capture all those unforgettable candid moments of fun and laughter that you will miss when you are busy talking to other guests. Using good quality disposable cameras will even save money on professional photos.

• Signing of a Photo board.

Instead of having a guest book, have a large photo surround board that will surround a large professional photographer photo of the bride and groom for all the guests to sign. It then can be then hung on your wall with all the well wishes from your closest family and friends, making a unique and priceless memento for years to come.

• Weather Watch

Watch the weather forecasts carefully for your wedding day weather. While is it totally out of your control, it could pay to be prepared with large umbrellas and towels in the boot of some of the wedding cars. Check with your Wedding reception venue as to wet weather options for you and your guests arrival and parking. If you have chosen an 'Al Fresco' style wedding reception, you may need to check your options and availabilities in case of a wet day.

• Your Wedding Photos

Your Wedding Photos are going to be a lifetime memory and this is a one-of special event, so you should be careful on your choice of wedding photographer. Make sure you look through photographers portfolios to see the type of work he can do. Make your wishes and choices clear and precise and make sure you have confirmed your costs before you sign any contracts. If the time of year suits, formal photographs taken in a park or beautiful garden or by the ocean can look spectacular, but make sure you have another location in mind if it rains.

Don't forget to ask any loved ones if they would like to purchase some of the formal professional photos as well, as quantity may lower your prices. A popular style recently is to have some photos produced in Black and White, this gives a timeless and classic stylish addition to your Wedding Photo Collection.

• Your Flowers

Your wedding flowers have probably cost you a lot of money. They will be beautiful and should last quite well if they have been supplied from a reputable florist. It is a shame to leave them behind just for the cleaners to throw out! Organise family members or friends to take them home after the reception, or if you will be staying around have them taken back to your own home. If you would like to keep your bouquet, but still would like to throw one, have a small replica made especially for the bouquet throw at the reception. While they are still fresh, take some blooms from your bouquet and dry them and have them framed or press them, laminate them to make a bookmark etc. for a lovely memento to cherish.

• Your Wedding Gown

Your Wedding Gown is no doubt is the most special memento of your wedding day, so you may want to keep it for any number of reasons, to give to a daughter or grand daughter, or just to see if you can still fit into it on your 10th Wedding anniversary! You should have your dress professionally cleaned first to remove perfumes, perspiration, wine etc that can leave yellow stains with time. You should store it in either a good quality tightly closing cardboard box or in a dress bag for hanging. For the box use only acid-free white tissue to line the box and layer between each fold of your dress, use crumpled tissue in the bodice and sleeves and finish with a layer of tissue and tightly close the lid to keep out dust and insects.

For a garment bag, make a tissue cover, or make one with a white linen sheet to put the dress in first, then put the dress within the garment bag so that there is tissue or sheet between the fabric and the garment bag. You can buy specialty boxes and bags from wedding suppliers and bridal shops for storage of wedding gowns. Store in a dark, dry cool place with a moisture collector satchel nearby.

Of course, I have only touched on some of the aspects of anyone's wedding day, and everyone's day will be different, so you should consider all aspects of your day, think about anything that may go wrong on the day, and try to minimise beforehand any impact a hiccup may cause. Be prepared for anything is a great moto to have.

And finally

• The Honeymoon.

Well, what can be said about this? Just leave a number with a close family member for emergencies only, and make that perfectly clear, and well, HAVE FUN!

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Top Things to Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

Top Things to Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

Found on Found on The best marriage ceremonies are ones that guests talk about years later. They recall the magical ambiance that made them memorable, whether casual or formal. Every couple dreams that their day will be such an event, but may be stumped about what it takes to actually make it one. Looking at various wedding venues is the place to start making that dream a lasting memory.
Options Galore

A company that has access to a multitude of areas is ideal. For a memorable day, guests need to see more than photos of the bride and groom as children, or hear more than a special song for the couple while sipping punch in a box-like room filled with flowers. When guests arrive, they must forget they are entering a rented accommodation. Instead, they must feel they are entering a private world, one that only a select few have permission to enter. This can't be achieved with a generic space.

Available Accommodations

Outdoor ceremonies usually allow for a more relaxed structure, with guests lounging on comfortable chairs or even standing for the ceremony. The natural surroundings evoke a romantic mood framed by a vast sky, highlighted by a structure such as a terrace or a stretch of land by the water. Tents can also be an interesting way to harness this ambiance. The food in outdoor wedding venues can include both casual and formal fare. In fact, outside doesn't mean only causal. An outdoor ceremony is simply a ceremony that takes place in an outside space among the beauty of nature. It can be as formal or casual as desired.

Inside ceremonies can be formal or causal as well. If a couple wants to have a full sit-down dinner with more traditional dancing, an indoor space is probably best. A banquet room or ballroom make excellent choices. Both spaces offer superb acoustics for music so when it's time to hit the floor guests are ready to dance. Also, so much can be done with indoor spaces in terms of lighting and color. High ceilings can be draped with flowing fabric, and ice sculptures placed in various corners. Indoor spaces also make it easier to preserve food and personal appearances if the weather is warm. This is something to consider for photos.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the space should be vintage or modern. Both types of wedding venues are available as long a they're booked well in advance, and both types can provide the desired atmosphere if enough details are given by the couple.

And speaking of booking in advance: it's the only way to get the right space. In the summer, wedding venues fill-up quickly. If there's a particular spot that a couple has in mind, hesitation is sure fire way to guarantee losing it. That would be a shame because it would mean the special day might not be memorable for the right reasons. To make the dream a good memory, couples need to book well in advance.

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Simple Wedding Giveaways That Your Guests Would Appreciate

Simple Wedding Giveaways That Your Guests Would Appreciate

Wedding giveaways or favors are no longer expected in our society; however it is always nice to give your guest something to remind them of your special day. That said, choosing a unique giveaway can be difficult knowing how many weddings are being officiated every day and if you have attended countless weddings, you know the feeling of receiving the same favors every time. You can however be a game changer by making your giveaways not only unique but also something that your guest will certainly appreciate.


You will never go wrong with giving away food. Not only will your guests appreciate it, it is also easy to do it by yourself or with your friends. You can give homemade cookies, granola bars, healthy snacks and treats that your guests can take home. If you are generous enough, you can just make them mix their own treats and provide a bag or a cute container to put everything in. Aside from these stuffs, you can also give homemade jams, concentrated juice and other homemade goodies. Just remember to use cute packaging or containers and personalize the labeling to make the giveaways extra special. Your guest will not only appreciate it, but it will also make your wedding day a delight.

Eco Bags

Green is the "in thing" and what better way to care for the environment than supporting its causes. Eco bags are not only friendly as they are reusable but also a nice way to show that you care for the environment. These bags are also customizable so you can add your name, wedding date or even a simple message.

Personalized Tea Mugs and Coasters

Other unique gifts are personalized tea mugs, tumblers and even coasters. These can be engraved with the couple's names or even a photo that is special to the newlyweds. What is great about them is that they can be used at home or at the office and since one can order these by the bulk, they are cheaper and more affordable.

Shot Glass and Mini-Alcohol Bottles

If you have an adult only wedding party then you can give away mini-alcohol bottles or even shot glasses to your friends. These bottles are often for decorative purposes only but contain real alcohol so ensure that your friends will not drink and drive or at the very least have a designated driver. Include a shot glass as a complementary token to make the gift extra nice.