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5 Points to Help Decide On the Right Bridesmaid Dress

Right Bridesmaid Dress

5 Points to Help Decide On the Right Bridesmaid Dress
Once the bride's dress is chosen, it is time to look at outfits for the bridesmaid. The style and look of these outfits are influenced by what the bride has chosen to wear. Here are five points to consider in the process of finding the perfect bridesmaid dress:

Make sure it complements the bride

The bridesmaid dress should complete the style or theme of the wedding. A wedding can vary from vintage, modern, or classic. It is essential the dress fits this overall theme. For instance, if the bride is wearing a bohemian lace or flowy dress, it wouldn't be practical for the bridesmaid to wear a more formal outfit like a taffeta dress.

Use colors that complement

Go with a dress color that is likely to complement not only the bride's dress, but also the skin tone of the maids. If the maids have a mixture of dark, olive and fair skin tones, it helps to consider the color choices and go with one that flatters all parties. Also, the hair color should be noted to avoid issues with clashing. A practical option to complement the different maids is to wear a dress designed with a two-color palette.

Consider the time of year

The time of year and season should be considered in the process of choosing the most appropriate wedding attire. Spring and flowery colors are great for May, while apple centerpieces and fall tones are a more practical choice in October.

Give some flexibility to the process

Try to be flexible to a certain degree to increase the chance of all members of the wedding party being happy with the planned outfits. A certain degree of input from the maids can benefit, but this flexibility should only be given if you have like-minded friends. If you receive too much input, it could make the process more difficult and miserable. Plus, the dresses for the bridesmaid do not need to be identical. Look at dresses with similar styles and colors, but have different shapes and necklines. It often helps to let the maids choose a style of dress that is able to flatter their body shape.

Remember it is your special day

It isn't always possible to please everyone when it comes to the style and color of the dress. Don't let others put too much pressure on what should be the final choice. Because it is your special day, other members of the wedding party should ultimately go along with your vision.

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