Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Simple Wedding Giveaways That Your Guests Would Appreciate

Simple Wedding Giveaways That Your Guests Would Appreciate

Wedding giveaways or favors are no longer expected in our society; however it is always nice to give your guest something to remind them of your special day. That said, choosing a unique giveaway can be difficult knowing how many weddings are being officiated every day and if you have attended countless weddings, you know the feeling of receiving the same favors every time. You can however be a game changer by making your giveaways not only unique but also something that your guest will certainly appreciate.

You will never go wrong with giving away food. Not only will your guests appreciate it, it is also easy to do it by yourself or with your friends. You can give homemade cookies, granola bars, healthy snacks and treats that your guests can take home. If you are generous enough, you can just make them mix their own treats and provide a bag or a cute container to put everything in. Aside from these stuffs, you can also give homemade jams, concentrated juice and other homemade goodies. Just remember to use cute packaging or containers and personalize the labeling to make the giveaways extra special. Your guest will not only appreciate it, but it will also make your wedding day a delight.

Eco Bags

Green is the "in thing" and what better way to care for the environment than supporting its causes. Eco bags are not only friendly as they are reusable but also a nice way to show that you care for the environment. These bags are also customizable so you can add your name, wedding date or even a simple message.

Personalized Tea Mugs and Coasters

Other unique gifts are personalized tea mugs, tumblers and even coasters. These can be engraved with the couple's names or even a photo that is special to the newlyweds. What is great about them is that they can be used at home or at the office and since one can order these by the bulk, they are cheaper and more affordable.

Shot Glass and Mini-Alcohol Bottles

If you have an adult only wedding party then you can give away mini-alcohol bottles or even shot glasses to your friends. These bottles are often for decorative purposes only but contain real alcohol so ensure that your friends will not drink and drive or at the very least have a designated driver. Include a shot glass as a complementary token to make the gift extra nice.

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