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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Planning a Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding Ideas that Sizzle

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Keep Your Guests Cool
People generally hate baking in the sun, especially when they are in heavy, fancy wedding attire. So make sure you make every effort to make them cool.

You summer wedding ideas should include the purchase of a large tent or gazebo to shield the sun from guests who want to keep cool.

Add this great item to their outdoor wedding ideas list: put a fan on the seat of each guest so that they have something to keep them cool while observing your nuptials.

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Planning a Summer Wedding on a Budget
Don't be ashamed if you have to cut costs on your wedding. Many people want to be more reasonable with wedding expenses in the interest of spending more money on their future, such as a house or their kids' college funds.

If you are one of these people, you will have to do a lot of planning; maybe even more so than the big spender. This is because you will have to do more research of vendors to see who has the best price and quality combination, and also have to make tougher decisions on what to cut and what to keep.

Have a listing of outdoor wedding ideas to evaluate before deciding to spend money. If you want to keep your summer wedding ideas within a certain budget, here are a couple of tips.

Have your summer wedding in the backyard of a friend or family member with a beautiful, expansive yard. If they are close to you, you won't have to pay a dime besides getting the lawn mowed. A well maintained flower garden and water fountain is a plus and gives the same summer feel for your guests as renting out a professional outdoor venue. Good summer wedding ideas don't have to break your budget-they sometimes simply involve making some calls to the ones you love, and a creative mind.

Since you are having an outdoor wedding, most likely at a family or friend's residence, you can further cut costs with food. Instead of catering, get the best cooks in your family together and ask them to do your wedding. Most likely they will be more than happy to do the gig with the only cost to you being the price of the food.

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Creative Summer Wedding Ideas
Some of your guests will hate the heat, others will jump at the chance to stand outside and possibly get a tan. So provide guests with tanning lotion, maybe in collaboration with their summer wedding favors. Some might not want to remove their makeup at the wedding, some may get right into the summer wedding theme and lather up. This is probably a better option for the men in attendance who love a good opportunity to bathe in the sun and get a great tan. Outdoor wedding ideas should always include plans to satisfy both sexes.

Maybe there are members of the bridal party who love to tan or just generally want to protect their skin from the sun. Instead of providing sun tan lotion for them at the event, buy them all an expensive, quality makeup foundation in their shade that contains sunscreen. This brand name foundation can be considered a gift from the bride. Who could ever forget their bridal party when considering summer wedding ideas-they are the people closest to you and your groom.

Planning a summer wedding can be rewarding, if you keep the people who matter to you most in mind at all times.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Colorful Flowers for Summer Weddings

Colorful Flowers for Summer Weddings

One of the best things about summer is the abundance of beautiful flowers in season. If you are planning a summer wedding, you will have a wonderful array of bright and cheerful blossoms from which to choose. Indulge in the most colorful flowers for summer weddings.

Colorful Flowers for Summer Weddings
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What could be more cheerful than a daisy? A brightly colored gerbera daisy! These happy flowers come in virtually every color a bride could ever want for her wedding, making them a terrific choice for an informal summer celebration. Combine fuchsia and orange gerberas for a spicy summer look, pale pink and lime for a preppy ceremony, or yellow, hot pink, and orange for a casual backyard wedding. Gerbera daisies usually look best as round bouquets, but for other decorations they can be displayed in all sorts of creative ways. Hang strings of daisies behind an outdoor ceremony altar, place single stems in test tubes down the middle of a table for a modern centerpiece, or plant them in boxes of wheat grass for a whimsical design.

Colorful Flowers for Summer Weddings
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Zinnias are a wedding flower whose stock is on the rise. They are not as widely used as traditional blossoms like roses or peonies, but maybe they should be. Zinnias have a lot going for them: they are inexpensive, full, and come in tons of vivid hues. They are generally regarded as an informal flower and would be fantastic for a country wedding. Pop mixed colors of zinnias into vintage tea tins, white hobnail pitchers, or Mason jars for a great look. Feel free to mix and match unexpected shades of zinnias like bright purple and crimson. You might just like the combination so much that you have custom bridesmaid jewelry made to coordinate.

Colorful Flowers for Summer Weddings
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Another great colorful wedding flower is the dahlia. If you really want to make a splash, opt for dinner plate dahlias. True to their name, a single blossom is as large as a plate! It won't take many of those stunners to create a remarkable summer wedding centerpiece or bouquet. Dahlias can be found in a gorgeous array of vivid hues like yellow, red, pink, purple, and orange. Some of the most spectacular dahlias are variegated blossoms with more than one color per flower. Picture enormous flowers in orange and yellow, pink and white, or red and white and you get the idea. A single dinner plate dahlia tied with a satin ribbon would be a very chic bouquet for a bridesmaid. It would look marvelous with a polished cotton strapless bridesmaid dress and custom bridesmaid jewelry in a coordinating shade.

Colorful Flowers for Summer Weddings
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A very hot trend in bright summer wedding flowers lately is the use of craspedia. Also called billy balls, billy buttons, and woolyheads, these fun little spherical flowers are a member of the daisy family. Perfectly round and long stemmed, billy balls look great in mixed bouquets of wildflowers or on their own made into pomanders or round bouquets. They have a very hip and modern appeal which has sparked a sudden rise in popularity for these charming little yellow or orange balls. For a very cute centerpiece idea, arrange bright yellow billy balls in assorted vintage jars and small vases in contrasting colors like aqua or red.

Colorful flowers will add a festive and cheerful flavor to your wedding. Whether you mix in a few with more classic white and pastel blossoms or go for an all out explosion of color, the bright flowers will look fabulous. The upbeat hues are just perfect for a summer wedding.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Inspiring Tips For Summer Weddings

Summer months boast of warm sunshine, vivacious colors, and stunning outdoor settings. Summer is the most popular time of the year to get married because summer months are full of brightness and cheerfulness-simply perfect for a perfect wedding!

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Summer weddings are ideal for outdoor settings such as a beach, garden, or a beautiful yard. Use fresh fruits and vegetables to decorate -- perhaps including Clementine and cumquats in your flower arrangements, or simply filling a large vase with bright yellow lemons. An extra-summery idea would be to use bright tablecloths, napkins with a few sunflowers in metal watering cans as the centerpieces.

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It's summer time, so why not lighten the ambiance a little? A pianist will be simply perfect if you're having a formal cocktail hour, but if you want to really embrace the season, consider going with alternate summer music styles. Try creating a laid-back or elegant style during your cocktail hour with the help of drums. Your guest will love it!

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Celebrate the season by filling your with fresh fruits such as watermelon, berries, corn, peas and other vegetables. You can even offer refreshing granitas and sorbets during the meal courses. An elegant summer food menu could also include a bevy of fresh seafood such as lobster or oysters.

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For the wedding favors, send your guest home with a taste of season. If you are having an outside ceremony, consider personalized fans or flip-flops in your wedding palette. Another multi-purpose wedding favor is a shell-embellished place card that doubles as a picture frame. Summer weddings are also perfect for seeds or small pots of flowers as favors.

Well, above are some of the ideas to make your summer wedding unique and exquisite. So, plan your best and get the best outcomes!


Monday, June 16, 2014

Bring Beautiful Colors to Your Summer Wedding

Bring Beautiful Colors to Your Summer Wedding

As you prepare for your summer wedding, looking at the color palette enables you to choose the right hue for the day while achieving the concept. Whether you are choosing hues for your dress, flowers or decorations, you must make sure the colors unify together marvelously. Choose from bright to clean up to dark colors to make the ceremony simply memorable.

Warm Hues

Bring Beautiful Colors to Your Summer Wedding
Choose from warm colors - yellow, orange and blue - of summer to make your wedding unique from others.
Blue is pleasing to the eyes and makes your guests think of the beach which relaxes them. Assure the color on your decorations and flowers is not overwhelming so it won't overshadow the bride.

Bring Beautiful Colors to Your Summer Wedding
If you aim to make the accents stand out in the ceremony, then choose yellow. The brightness it brings to the venue is pleasant for the guests while not surpassing the beauty of the bride. This color is best for outdoor ceremony.

Bring Beautiful Colors to Your Summer Wedding
Orange brings that "pop" to your dress as well as to the venue. Like yellow, it brightens the event especially if you are having a sunset beach or garden wedding.

Cool Hues

Bring Beautiful Colors to Your Summer Wedding
Soft gray is an amazing contender as it works with any backdrop. It blends with the blue sky of an outdoor event or with other complementary hues. In any case, what colors don't blend in with gray?

Bring Beautiful Colors to Your Summer Wedding
Bright blue brings modesty to your wedding day and very lovely on the dresses, flowers and other decorations. It works best for custom-made dresses which adds more sophisticated style.

Bring Beautiful Colors to Your Summer Wedding
Green is surely one of the cooling hues you want for your summer wedding. Make sure to choose a beautiful shade to make the bride lovelier than ever. From favors to shoes up to the flowers, green is a warm and cool color at the same time.

Summer means deep blue sea and beautiful sunset, and one way to achieve this for your wedding is to choose sand color. It is soothing and warm all at once, and will absolutely beautify your wedding day.

If you still need help, seek the advice of a wedding planner as this person knows which colors go together beautifully. Also don't hesitate to ask your groom which colors he loves to have for the special day.

In choosing your summer colors, ensure they complement each other as well as to your personality. The colors should blend well with the hot weather to achieve an unforgettable summer wedding.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Summer Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Summer is the best time to get married if you're looking for the lushest and fullest bouquet of fresh flowers you can find! It's always easier and more economical to obtain flowers that are in season. And summer is the best time for fresh cut flowers! Leave the silks and artificial flowers for the cold month weddings because you have an abundance of beauty at your fingertips! Take advantage of the season's bounty.

What's even more special about these beautiful blooms is that they offer such lovely sentiments. Flowers have meanings, and you can choose to use your bouquet to make a statement with them, or you can just enjoy their beauty and go with what looks appealing to you. Either way, it's OK because it's your day! But if you do choose to put a message in your arrangement, you'll find this season's flowers to offer the sweetest notions.

Here's a breakdown of the most popular summer wedding flowers and their meanings to help you plan the perfect bouquet.

The most traditional of all floral arrangements that are romantic in nature and also one of the best scented too, the rose means love, joy, and beauty. No wonder they're so popular with weddings! They look perfect in any bouquet, not to mention corsages, boutonnières, and centerpieces.

They're breathtaking by themselves or mixed with other flowers. They come in many colors and varieties as well. It's easy to see why roses are probably the most popular and most familiar to us for wedding arrangements.

Fresh and simple, the daisy offers a child-like innocence to your wedding bouquet. They almost evoke images of playing make-believe bride with a ring of them in your hair. They're a great filler to complete an arrangement with other flowers. Or gerber daisies can be the focal point of your bouquet, as they are available in so many vibrant shades.

These romantic darlings mean "share your feelings". This is also an appropriate sentiment for a wedding day, if you're planning to take part in this tradition.

Nothing says summer like a sunflower! They're bold, they're sunny, and they're striking. They make a great focal point to a bouquet, but also work splendidly in a centerpiece or free-standing arrangement because of their size and long sturdy stems.

It's easy to see where they get their meaning of "adoration" because it's so easy to adore their versatility and beauty!


Orchids are one of the most traditional bridal bouquet components. They're elegant and soft and look like they were created just for brides! Meaning "beauty" and "love" it's certainly easy to think they exist almost exclusively for your bouquet.

There's no other flower with a more distinct and enjoyable aroma as the lilac. With their soft and fresh appearance, they're a very popular complement or focal point to a wedding bouquet. And who wouldn't enjoy a handful of these for the day?

With a meaning of "love's first emotion" don't they evoke the best feelings for a wedding day? They're perfect!

Carnations are a long-time popular wedding flower. They make great fillers, they're inexpensive, and they are available in a variety of shades and colors.

Their meaning is mostly contingent on their color. For example white carnations mean "talent", pink means "bold", and red means "love".

Carnations are most commonly used in wedding bouquets because of their appearance and because of their vibrant color varieties.

Calla Lilies
These stylish beauties have really gained popularity over the last decade. They're so stylish and modern-looking that they're used in everything from the bride's and bridesmaids' bouquets to centerpieces and arrangements.

They offer an opportunity for asymmetry and eclectic design to whatever piece they complement. They mean "magnificent beauty", which is entirely appropriate considering the style and grace they offer us.


Peonies mean "bashfulness", but you won't be bashful about stealing a whiff now and then when these join your bouquet! The peony smells so sweet and looks so soft, it's easy to see where they get their meaning.
They're a large flower that can easily be a center or focal point to your bouquet or arrangement.


Tulips are colorful, strong, and vibrant. They're perfect for pageant-style bouquets or designs where good sturdy stems are needed. They also make excellent choices in other arrangements and centerpieces.
Meaning "love and passion" they'll certainly make the right statement for your wedding!

Baby's Breath

One of the most popular fillers for most all floral arrangements, baby's breath is sweet, simple, and adds softness where you need it. They're not overly fragrant, so they won't interfere with your other bouquet choices.

They're meaning of "innocence" is so fitting considering their name and appearance. It makes a great addition to your overall theme or meaning with your bouquet.

The great news about today's weddings is that almost anything goes! If you enjoy conventional customs and wish to stick with the old traditions, then you have a lot to choose from! Whether it is your bouquet, your dress, your ceremony proceedings, or how you celebrate at your reception, the old practices still hold true. You can piece together the sweetest statement with your wedding bouquet and save a lot of money by choosing flowers that are in-season.

However these days you can pretty much create the bouquet of your choice, and anything else regarding your wedding for that matter. It's unlikely there will be a floral expert there waiting to calculate each flower in your bouquet and make sure it's appropriate. So, choose what you like! But if you do enjoy adding meaning to your choices, enjoy the sweet notions you have to choose from. After all, the wedding bouquet is a tradition in itself.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ideal Summer Wedding Colors and Combinations

Ideal Summer Wedding Colors and Combinations

A summer wedding is a popular choice among many couples, and one that many brides have dreamed about since they were little girls. Warm weather makes it a prime time for guests to get away and attend the wedding, and the flowers are in full bloom, making it easier to get your favorites. Choosing the ideal summer wedding colors can be overwhelming because the possibilities are endless. The easiest way to choose the primary and secondary colors are by finding those most suited to the season, and then picking the ones you like best.

Colors for a Beach Theme

Ideal Summer Wedding Colors and Combinations
Turquoise blue

A wedding with a beach theme is typically relaxed and casual, so choose colors that reflect the sky, the ocean, and the sand, such as blues, champagne and cream. A turquoise blue with a secondary color of cream will give you an elegant, yet casual, beach atmosphere. Using a pale champagne color as the primary one, with hints of blues and greens, will provide a brighter and sea color atmosphere.

Tropical Wedding Theme Colors

Ideal Summer Wedding Colors and Combinations

A tropical wedding is bright, bold and hot, so the colors chosen should reflect the items found on a tropical island. Bright yellows, orange, reds and hot pinks are the most popular colors for tropical flowers. However, when using bright colors, it is best to go with one primary color and one or two secondary colors. For example, hot pink looks fabulous with either a dark, leafy green or even a lime green, when used sparingly.

Formal Summer Colors

Ideal Summer Wedding Colors and Combinations

Although traditionally, a formal wedding is associated with black and white, for a summer wedding choose a deep midnight blue as the primary color and accent it with white, silver, or a pale grey. For a bolder, yet still formal look, a very deep and dark purple as the main color and touches of white or cream is a very elegant look.

Color Schemes For A Garden Wedding

Ideal Summer Wedding Colors and Combinations

This type of wedding can either be done in relaxing, less formal colors or you could opt for slightly more formal with a splash of whimsical. Garden weddings are typically held outdoors, which means you will need to work with the colors of the flowers already in the garden, and pick other colors that will complement them. For example, if the venue has a variety of colors in the garden flowers, use a cream, white or champagne to complement without outdoing the colors already there.

Red Rose Themed Wedding

Ideal Summer Wedding Colors and Combinations

If you adore the roses in your summer garden, choose red as your predominant color. The good thing about red is there are a number of colors that look fantastic with it. If you want to give the ceremony and reception a romantic atmosphere, the ideal summer wedding colors are reds and pinks, which will provoke thoughts of Valentine's Day. For a semi-formal atmosphere, a deep red with cream next to it looks amazing. For a bright summery day in the garden atmosphere, a bright red can be paired with yellows, oranges or tan. It is best to avoid using green with some shades of red as it will take on a Christmas feel as opposed to a wedding theme.

It sometimes helps to look at some of the possible details that match the theme you are looking at. Try browsing through the Summer Wedding decorations and favors at Just for different ideas.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

What Brides to Be Should Know About Choosing a Stylish Summer Wedding Dress

What Brides to Be Should Know About Choosing a Stylish Summer Wedding Dress

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
Now, the important part: picking out the perfect bridal dress for your summertime event. But you're wondering how to get accurate information about which style to choose.

Do you ask your mother? She seems to be great at helping you with other parts of your wedding, like selecting china patterns, choosing flowers, and sending invitations. But are you worried that your mother's taste in wedding dresses is stuck somewhere in the 1980s? So maybe you should call up your girlfriend. The one who planned her own wedding several years ago and still shares your views on many topics. But perhaps she hasn't really kept up with the latest bridal styles because she has been too busy being a wife and a new mom herself.

You could buy a stack of bridal magazines and start paging through them. But who has time to do all that with a wedding date that's fast approaching? Besides, aren't you worried that dressmakers are trying you sell you what they want you to buy instead of what you want to see yourself in? Well, fret no more. Here are some suggestions for choosing the stylish summer wedding dress that's ideal for you.

Slim Silhouettes Are in
This year, brides are walking down the aisle in slimming gowns. Sleek choices such as trumpets, sheaths, or column dresses illustrate the latest trend in summertime nuptial apparel.

What Brides to Be Should Know About Choosing a Stylish Summer Wedding Dress

Galina Signature's Taffeta High-Collar Side-Draped Trumpet Gown, for example, features a dramatic neckline, chapel train, and beading and button back detail. The stones on the Rinestone Sequin Chiffon Dress adorn the jewel neckline and complement the ruched bodice and empire waist.

Think Color
Believe it or not, splashes of color are finding their way onto all types of wedding dresses and gowns. From a bright-colored accessory to vibrant beading, your dress can be truly trendy if it departs from the traditional all-white look.

What Brides to Be Should Know About Choosing a Stylish Summer Wedding Dress

Brides seeking colorful dresses may want to try on a satin A-line dress that boasts ornate red beaded lace below its scalloped sweetheart neckline. Or maybe the red satin sash on the "trainless" satin halter ball gown with pick-up skirt would be a fun accessory that matches your personality.

Consider Raising the Hemline
If you're wincing at the thought of a cumbersome train, you can opt to eliminate it entirely. There are plenty of tea-length gowns or above-the-knee dresses that are popular for weddings this summer.

What Brides to Be Should Know About Choosing a Stylish Summer Wedding Dress

What Brides to Be Should Know About Choosing a Stylish Summer Wedding Dress

An organza tea length gown with gorgeous beaded trim at the waist is an excellent choice. For an extra sassy look, Galina's strapless short dress has unique bands of satin, 3D floral appliqués, and a hemline above the knee.

Three Cheers for Tiers
One of the most popular trends for brides this summer involves a tiered look on wedding dresses. Tiers can bring an extra dash of elegance and sophistication to almost any bridal ensemble.

What Brides to Be Should Know About Choosing a Stylish Summer Wedding Dress

Simple Summer Wedding Dresses
Simple Summer Wedding Dresses

Every summer bride to be should try on a satin and organza tiered gown with four tiers on an A-line skirt along with a spaghetti strap bodice and a surplice pleated neckline. If you love the full-tiered look, the Tulle Tiered Ball Gown by Galina Signature combines sophisticated tiering with a sweetheart neckline and beaded waist detail.

One Shoulder May Be Better Than Two
For a more eye-catching look, you should think about sashaying down the aisle in a single shoulder bridal gown. This style is available on all dress lengths, and the shoulder strap can be accented with different designs if you choose.

Simple Summer Wedding Dresses

The Chiffon One Shoulder Goddess Gown encapsulates a magnificent timeless look with its natural waist, beaded lace detailing, and side drape chiffon skirt. Or choose the bold floral detail on Galina's Soft Chiffon One Shoulder A-line Gown, which flows into three spaghetti straps on the back.

Don't Rule out Pockets
That's right - many of the hottest dress styles this summer come with pockets! Wouldn't it be convenient to have a place to stow tissues, emergency hair barrettes, or even a special keepsake which you want to have with you as you say, "I do?"

You'll love the side pockets in the Taffeta Jewel Neck Ball Gown, which also has a flattering ruched bodice. Or you can opt for a truly modern and contemporary look with the Faille V-neck Ball Gown by Galina which has slimming waist detail.

When you choose what you will be wearing on the biggest day of your life, make sure that the dress is comfortable as well as beautiful. This is especially good advice if you are hosting an outdoor wedding. After all, you don't want to bake or perspire while you walk down the aisle.

Summertime weddings are magical, fun, and memorable. Your guests will be honored to celebrate your nuptials with you and your husband-to-be. And you'll definitely look your best as you show off the latest fashion trends in bridal dresses for your friends and family!