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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wedding Favors Ideas For Beach Weddings

Wedding Favors Ideas For Beach Weddings

You have decided to have your wedding on the beach. This is a great choice because a beach is a beautiful and romantic setting for a wedding. When deciding on what type of wedding favors to give to your guests, consider beach themed favors.

Wedding Favors Ideas
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These types of favors will both coordinate with your theme of a beach wedding, and they will be a special reminder for your guests of the wonderful location at which you had your wedding. There are a variety of beach themed wedding favors from which you can choose.

One great option is to give out beach themed picture frames. Many of these types of frames are covered in decorations that look like seashells and sand. This type of favor is very useful. Family members who wish to display pictures of your wedding in their homes could actually use the frame for one of your pictures. Other guests could use the frame to display a picture from their own special occasion such as a beach vacation they went on.

Beach Weddings
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Wedding Favors Ideas For Beach Weddings
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Another idea is to give your guests scented soap. Look for soaps in the shape of seashells to coordinate with your beach theme. Once they take them home, these fancy soaps will look lovely in their bathrooms.
Candles are another choice of favors you could have. Candles that come in holders that are the shape of sailboats or starfish would work wonderfully.

You could also have favors that can be used during your wedding. If you give out folding fans, your guests could use them if they get warm sitting outside. Personalized frisbees make for a fun gift at more casual weddings where your guests could play with them on the beach.

Wedding Favors Ideas For Beach Weddings
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Other items that you could give to your guests include key rings and bookmarks that have decorations that look like either seashells, sailboats, or maybe even palm trees. For those guests who drink, you could choose wine stopper wedding favors. You can find beach themed ones that are designed with a dolphin, seashell, or boat figurine on them.

Personalized playing cards with your names and wedding date are another choice. You could have a seashell drawing decorating the cards. Guests who have traveled from out of town may enjoy playing games with them when they are back in their hotel rooms.

There are many beach themed wedding favors from which you can choose. Deciding what type to give out is simply a matter of finding ones that both appeal to you, and finding ones that your wedding guests will enjoy.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Tips For Creating Cool Wedding Beach Decorations

Tips For Creating Cool Wedding Beach Decorations

US couples spend an average of $20,000 on their weddings. Decorations are usually around 8% of the total wedding cost, averaging about $1,600. But wedding beach decorations can be less expensive if you plan well. Continue reading and you will learn how.

Tips For Creating Cool Wedding Beach Decorations
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Finding decorations for your beach ceremony is a no-brainer, right? Maybe if you are a creative genius. For the rest of us things can be a bit more complicated.

Follow these simple tips for creating chic, hassle-free beach decorations for your wedding.

Casual, barefoot beach weddings don't need flooring. But if your wedding will be more formal, flooring is a must. Why? Without flooring on the beach, sand will get into peoples' shoes, clothing will become wet, torn or soiled, and guests may have a hard time walking in the sand. If anyone attending is elderly or infirm they should have chairs. Without flooring the chairs can easily sink into the sand or tip over.

Many rental supply companies offer flooring for rent. The average cost is $3.50 - 4.00 per square foot including set up.

Tips For Creating Cool Wedding Beach Decorations
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There are as many styles of wedding arches as there are brides who want beach weddings. Renting an arch is easy but it can be cheaper to build your own. Start with a metal or wood arch you buy at a hobby shop or building supply store. Then decorate it however you like.

These two sophisticated types of arches are perfect as wedding beach decorations:
Tropically-themed arches: Making a tropical arch is easy. Wrap the metal or wood arch with palm fronds or banana leaves. Then add a strong splash of color by adding tropical flowers such as birds-of-paradise, antherium or heliconia. Finish by suspending a starfish or sea shell from the apex.
Chuppah Arch: Traditionally used in Jewish weddings, this is a cloth or sheet canopy supported by four poles. A chuppah makes the ceremony more intimate and provides shade on the wedding beach for the happy couple. To make a chuppah more stylish, use shorter poles and ask four members of your wedding party to each hold one of the poles during the ceremony.

Tips For Creating Cool Wedding Beach Decorations
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Whether you have set aside a small or large budget for your wedding, beach decorations can add luxuriousness to your ceremony. Here are some outside the box ideas for decorating your wedding without blowing your budget:

1. Use local flowers along the aisle. If chairs are on both sides, just suspend flowers from the chair backs and arms. If there aren't any chairs, create an aisle with palm fronds or banana leaves on the sand. Add some color by layering hibiscus, protea or other local flowers on top of the leaves.

2. Beautify your decorations by adding some torches. Tiki torches perfectly coordinate wedding beach decorations. Two rows of torches can create a natural aisle if you place them four feet apart. If you already have an aisle, then place the torches at random and light them to provide a tropical aura. The effect is even better if you have a twilight ceremony.

3. Ribbons are another spot-on accompaniment for beach weddings. Ribbons, fluttering and waving in the ocean breeze, are just the thing for setting off your celebration. Use pastel colors in pink, blue and coral. Make sure ribbons are well-secured so they don't blow away.

4. Harmonize with the beach vibe by scattering starfish, shells, coconuts and palm fronds abundantly. Just be careful not to place any sharp items where guests may accidentally hurt themselves by stepping on them.

5. Boat oars, anchors and fishing net are also perfect elements for unifying your beach wedding theme. Borrow these from friends or nearby residents along the beach.

More Secrets for Keeping Your Decorating Budget in Check

Tips For Creating Cool Wedding Beach Decorations
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Rent expensive items instead of buying them. It's more sensible to rent expensive flooring, tables, chairs and other large items. If you do purchase them, buy them on sale at warehouse clubs and hobby shops. Don't buy anything at full price.

Instead of buying or renting smaller decorations, borrow from family and friends. Someone you know probably has an arch, extra ribbon or sea shells they would be happy for you to use in your ceremony. Make a list of what you need and ask around.

Make your own decorations, or at least some of them. Bows, ribbons, signs and similar items are easy to make and subtract from your decorating cost.

Whenever you can, use locally grown flowers. They are normally less expensive than flowers which are grown somewhere else and then shipped in. Also keep in mind that flowers have a short shelf life. If they aren't sold within several days they must be thrown out. This means you can ask local florists for special deals on flowers they need to sell quickly.

Keep your wedding decorations simple. Your surroundings are the decorations when your ceremony is on a beach. With just a few tasteful additions your wedding beach decorations will be complete.


Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Romantic Beach Wedding

The Romantic Beach Wedding

If the sun setting over the ocean accompanied by the romantic sound of waves gently rolling up on the beach creates the scene that you want to experience on your wedding day, a beach wedding could be ideal for you. You can easily make your special day into an entire shore setting, whether you are on a real beach or inside a banquet hall. The following beach themed wedding favor ideas and accessories are exactly what you need to turn any area that you utilize for your wedding ceremony into a beautiful ocean of love.

The Romantic Beach WeddingThe Romantic Beach Wedding

Wedding favors can make your guest tables at the reception into a surfside setting. Beautiful ocean and beach themed candles used for favors will give a romantic glow as part of the place settings. Add nautical place card holders and etched wine coaster wedding favors to your ambient candle wedding favors, and you have a charming beach table setting. You can choose beach themed wedding favors and accessories that fit your style and taste perfectly.

Beach WeddingBeach Wedding

When you are considering a beach themed wedding at an actual beach destination, remember that there are beautiful places on every coast that will host a romantic ceremony and help with details. Locate these through a quick search on the internet or by calling a travel agent. Keep in mind that Mother Nature does not always agree with outdoor wedding plans, whether that be at a beach or a local park, so choose a location that has an indoor space readily available to move your guests as well as your keepsakes out of possible rain or wind if necessary.

Beach WeddingBeach Wedding

Deciding between formal wedding attire or more casual dress for a beach themed wedding is another consideration. The wind on a beach can blow a veil off into the surf, a long gown can drag in the sand, and it can also be quite difficult for a bride to walk in said sand in heels. Check out the lovely beach themed wedding dresses and sandals that can reflect a shore image beautifully and prove more practical. The men in the bridal party may appreciate forgoing tuxedos for more casual jackets and slacks, as well.
With your beach themed wedding favors and your beach wedding attire, your wedding day will be a magical ceremony that will remain in the hearts of your family and friends for years to come.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Beach Wedding Ideas For the Bride to Be

You may have noticed that themed weddings are the norm these days. Couples usually prefer a themed wedding because having a motif makes it easier for everybody to plan the wedding. A focus on a single theme will mean easier color, decoration, wedding favor and even venue coordination. A Beach themed wedding is perhaps one of the most popular motifs for weddings today. There are lots of beach wedding ideas in the internet. You just need some creativity and a lot of imagination.

Beach weddings are fun and very exciting to plan for. The atmosphere for beach weddings are light and gay but it can also be sweet and romantic at the same time. Nothing can be more heartwarming than having that first kiss during sunrise or sunset.

For any wedding, one of the first things on top of the checklist is the budget. Depending on how much you plan to spend, beach themed weddings can be as affordable and as expensive as you want them to be. Once you have settled on a budget you are comfortable with, everything comes easily into place.

The invitation sets easily conveys to your guests the theme of the wedding. One of the cutest beach wedding ideas we have come across is to use starfishes as invitation decorations. You don't have to use an actual starfish but alternatives include Papier-mache starfishes, ceramic starfishes and even hand drawn starfishes.

Food is another one of the most important considerations for any weddings. Most guests will expect at least a light snack or a full meal after the wedding. With beach weddings, receptions can be held indoors or outdoors. Ideas for food can include a barbecue or grilled assorted seafood. Dessert can range from ice cream to tropical fruits.

Speaking of tropical fruits, these make beautiful centerpieces for your guests' tables. They can be arranged in beautiful and creative ways. It gives the wedding reception a tropical beach feeling.

The cake is the piece de resistance of any wedding reception. It symbolizes fertility and good luck. Wedding cakes have been a wedding tradition ever since the Roman Empire. Wedding cakes for beach weddings can be decorated accordingly. Aside from starfishes, shells, wave designs, mermaids and corals; the whole sea can be an inspiration for your beach themed wedding cake.

Beach wedding ideas are easy to come up with. Take your groomsmen's boutonniere for example. Instead of the typical red rose, why not exchange it for leis? The bridesmaid's headdresses and bouquets can be made from tropical flowers. Your cute little flower girls can wear hula costumes instead of gowns while they shower the aisle with colored sand and petals.

Perhaps the best thing about beach weddings is that you can hold the wedding and reception on the sands. The mood is almost always light and festive compared to church weddings. The wedding party can enjoy the view of the beach and be comfortable walking around either barefoot or wearing sandals. The beach is almost always breezy so you won't have to worry about fainting spells or stuffy atmosphere.

Thinking up beach wedding ideas are an exercise not only in creativity and imagination but in originality as well. As it becomes more and more popular people are finding lots of ways of personalizing their beach I do's.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Have You Ever Considered A Seashells Wedding Theme?

A variety of unique shells are a must-have detail for any beach or seashells wedding theme. It's easy to incorporate natures treasures into almost every detail of your seashells wedding. Seashell centerpieces, place card holders, unity candle sets, favors, bouquets are just a few of the items in which you can add wedding seashells to give your beach wedding an extra nautical flair.

Many of these items can be personally hand-made if you have time and an interest in crafts, or may be purchased on-line at specialty web sites. With any seashells wedding theme, extra attention to small details support your theme efforts and decor. Fortunately, there are many varieties of seashells to make your day memorable for your guests.

Here are a few easy ways to incorporate these beautiful specimens into your seashells wedding theme.

Use large, colorful shells to line your ceremonial wedding aisle or use as a focal point on your guests tables. Seasonal flowers can be placed in floral foam and placed inside the opening of larger shells as Murex, Conch or Nautilus. Other items may also be used as centerpieces and decorated with seashells - try using vases or baskets with smaller seashells such as starfish, sand dollars or scallop shells hot glued to the outer surfaces of these items.

Place Card Holders
This is probably the simplest way to use shells to highlight your seashells wedding theme at your guest's tables. Almost any type of seashell will work- simply glue closely spaced beads or ring clips to hold the small card with your guest's name and table number. For an added touch, use a seashell rubber stamp or stencil to decorate the table card.

Seafans, starfish, sand dollars and scallops are great additions to pillar candles or candle holders. Seashells like these are easy to hot glue to the candle itself or to the outside of glass candle holders. You may also use larger cylindrical glass candle holders and glue smaller colorful calico scallops to the outside. When the candle is lit (you may also use small battery operated candles) the colorful wedding seashells give off a wonderful, cozy glow.

Guest Book
Customize your own seashells wedding guest book by adding a few special shells to the book's front cover. This will set the tone for your theme as soon as your guests arrive and sign the guest book.

Bouquets, Corsages Boutonniers
This is an extra special touch for your bridal party and guests alike. Incorporate a few small wedding seashells into your bouquet, your bridesmaids bouquets, groomsmen's boutonniers and mother of the bride and groom corsages. Small conches, scallops, angel wings, starfish or sand dollars make good choices. You can choose seashells in their natural state that blend with your color choices, or paint the seashells to match your color palette.

Ring Bearer Shell
Present your wedding rings in seaside style, by having your ring bearer present them in a seashell wedding shell. Large white scallops may be decorated with pearls or small silk flowers or other smaller shells assembled to look like a small flower. To make the rings stand out, gently line the scallop shell with a custom cut piece of velvet to match your wedding colors.

Flower Girl Basket
Decorate the basket your flower girl uses to hold her posie petals, with wedding seashells. You can glue seashells to the handle of the basket or create a band of seashells around the top of the basket.

Cake Toppers, Toasting Flutes and Cake Servers
Traditional cake toppers and toasting flutes can easily become beach themed with the addition of a few strategically placed seashells. To give your cake topper a genuine seashells wedding touch, simply place a large scallop as a backdrop to the bride and groom or add some smaller seashells to surround the base.

Accent the bride and groom's toasting flutes by adding a few smaller seashells and pearls, to the center of a bow tied around the stem. Cake Servers may also be accented with small wedding seashells added to a small bow tied around the handle.

Wedding Favors
Hand write the bride and groom's names with the wedding date written on sand dollars for super-simple, elegant wedding seashell favors. Use thin, delicate ribbon strung through the top hole of the sand dollar and your favor may be used as a memorable Christmas ornament. Standalone shells with a small inserted airferm or flower make wonderful takeaways for your guests. Larger shells such as nautilus, murex, or conch are great specimen seashells to be used for wedding favors.

There are endless ways to incorporate shells into your seashells wedding. No matter what kinds of wedding seashells you select, your guests and family will enjoy the memories for years to come.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Beach and Lace Wedding Dresses - Your Simple Choice to Your Beach Wedding

Beach and Lace Wedding Dresses - Your Simple Choice to Your Beach Wedding

Finding a stylish and a unique wedding gown is the dream of every to-be bride. The to-be brides always expect to meet a perfect style that suits all their original expectations and thus showing the desired silhouette. For this, they even consult their favorite tailor in the hope of bringing their dream bridal dress come to reality. All they want to do is to present their best at their wedding. For sure, a perfect bridal gown will really help them achieve this.

Beach and Lace Wedding Dresses - Your Simple Choice to Your Beach Wedding

Beach and Lace Wedding Dresses - Your Simple Choice to Your Beach Wedding

The trend of beach bridal dresses, or for any other sort of bridal wear for that matter, is fast bending towards simplicity and plainness for the last couple of years. Wedding dresses covered with large fabric flowers and heavy materials have long become a thing of the past. In the recent years, the style of the wedding dresses has undergone a great amount of change. The arms of the bride are now uncovered, the bare shoulders have become all the more stylish and elegant as the beach wedding dresses have become unsophisticated and unencumbered.

 Beach and Lace Wedding Dresses - Your Simple Choice to Your Beach Wedding

Now, if you look into a dictionary for the word "simple", you will come up synonyms such as ease, cleanness, minimalism and effortlessness. And then again, you will also come up with another set of words like plainness and blandness. Just having a look at these two different set of words will give you the idea of the big challenge that you will have to come across if you decide on wearing a simple beach bridal gown on probably the most special day of your life. Undoubtedly, this is going to exciting, isn't it?

Beach and Lace Wedding Dresses - Your Simple Choice to Your Beach Wedding

Beach and Lace Wedding Dresses - Your Simple Choice to Your Beach Wedding

So, the question that arises here is, how simple is the dress going to be? The words "minimalist" or "ease" when combines with "cleanness" ought to give you a clear picture of a simple dress that can be worn at a beach wedding that you would be wearing at your wedding. If you want to get even clearer pictures of a simple wedding dress, you should just recall several years in the past and try recalling the dress that late Carolyn Bessette chose to wear to her wedding with John Kennedy, Jr. The dress was only a very simple gown that had no added frills, only clean, beautiful lines on a long, smooth sheath dress that was designed on a smooth bias and perfectly made to embrace the enviable figure of the bride.

Beach and Lace Wedding Dresses - Your Simple Choice to Your Beach Wedding

Regardless of whether you choose to have a short or a long dress, a simple wedding dress will suit you perfectly if it adjusts to your figure precisely. You silhouette should be taken into account and you should go for clean, smooth lines that outline your natural curves smoothly. Consult your tailor for the perfect fit of your dress. The material of the dress also plays an important part here. Choose something that is light and gels with the location or the theme of your wedding. For a simple beach wedding, linen, chiffon, organza and tulle will do just fine. They are light, can be bought in various colors and work well with any desired cut.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Find Beach Wedding Ideas For Your Beach Themed Wedding

Find Beach Wedding Ideas For Your Beach Themed Wedding

Having a beach themed wedding can be truly unique yet it may also be very challenging. Carefully planned beach weddings will make your wedding extra special; your guests will not ever forget the event. This non-traditional wedding theme has the touch of comfort, uniqueness, innocence and lightness. There are handfuls of beach wedding ideas today which will greatly help you in planning your beach themed wedding. Choosing to have a theme different from the traditional laces and long veils gives you the freedom to use bright vivid colors to softest pastels for your wedding theme.

The Bride's wedding dress can be designed using lighter fabrics and pastel colors. Chic short wedding dresses can also be worn for ultimate comfort and mobility. Not only can the dress be shorter and made of lighter fabric, it is highly recommended, your comfort may depend upon it!
The clothing of the entire entourage should still be harmoniously themed, with a wider choice of colors of summer. Groom's attire could be anything from pastels to vivid summer colors. Beach inspired accessories will add more accent to the theme of the wedding, like corals, beads and shells.
Find Beach Wedding Ideas For Your Beach Themed Wedding
Find Beach Wedding Ideas For Your Beach Themed Wedding
Beaded Sandals
What about your wedding shoes? You can either choose to walk barefoot or wear beautifully beaded slip on sandals Your hair should be more relaxed and free flowing, making sure that your hair style can stand the ocean breeze as well.

A few accent flowers can be clipped onto your hair to complete your summer look. Bright colored flowers are the best choices used in beach themed wedding, including the bouquet that the bride would hold while walking down the aisle.

When it comes to invitation for your guests, beautifully taken images of the location is the best centerpiece of your invitation, making sure that the summer ambiance is clearly portrayed on the invitation itself. You can also add an attire suggestion if you want your guests to wear similarly colored summer dresses. It is also important to inform your guests through your invitation about the length of your stay so as for them to plan how many wardrobes they need to bring along when they attend your wedding ceremony.

From the wedding dress to the flowers that should be used, down to the tiniest details of the cakes and plates, all should have the touch of summer colors and lightness of the ocean breeze, everything should be carefully planned to have a very beautiful, unforgettable marriage witnessed by the shimmering sea.