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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Creative Winter Wedding Themes

Searching for an idea for a winter wedding theme, but tired of the Winter Wonderland concept? There are plenty of unique and beautiful ideas for a winter ceremony and reception that go beyond the tried and true themes. Get inspired with these creative winter wedding themes.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter Wedding Favor Ideas and Inspirations

Winter Wedding Favor Ideas and Inspirations

The twinkle of the sun reflects off the newly fallen snow giving it an appearance of dazzling diamonds and the icicles form elegant ice sculptures off of every tree branch against a crisp blue winter sky. Does this picture embrace your magnificent dreams of a perfect winter wonderland wedding? If so, you are not alone. Many brides dream of a beautiful winter wedding, whether it be a Christmas themed event, dancing on New Year’s Eve, a romantic Valentine’s wedding, or a ski inspired resort getaway wedding - winter weddings are a magical event.
If you choose to get married in the colder months, you may want to incorporate the season into your wedding favors and decorations. Wedding suppliers have caught onto this idea and have brought this season a sprout of new winter wedding favors sure to inspire and delight you.
Some of our favorite ideas for winter wedding favors are:
Snow Globe Wedding Favors
Although somewhat difficult to find on traditional wedding favor web sites, there are a variety of stores both online and in your neighborhood which carry seasonal products. Snow globes traditionally remind people of the cold months, and what better way to remind your guests of your winter wedding. Available in a multitude of themes and inner designs, you are sure to find a globe that fits your wedding perfectly.
Hot Drink Winter Wedding Favors

What is more perfect than cuddling up by the fireside with your fingers wrapped around a hot cup to warm you? Hot chocolate especially reminds those of winter, and with designers conjuring up various gift designs of this favorite drink, you can find the perfect drink in the perfectly complimented winter packaging. If you’re not sold on hot cocoa wedding favors, many of the same designs are available in coffee wedding favors, cappuccino wedding favors, tea wedding favors, and cocktail inspired winter wedding favor designs (which are perfect for those New Year’s Eve weddings!)
Snowflake Inspired Winter Wedding Favors

What’s winter without snow? Just like each snowflake is different and unique – so is your wedding! Make your winter wedding favors stand out with snowflake inspired designs in items such as:
  • Snowflake Coasters
  • Snowflake Bottle Stoppers
  • Snowflake Candies, Chocolates
  • Snowflake Soaps
  • Place Card Holders
  • Candles
  • Mini Boxes

Plants and Pine Cone Wedding Favors If you’re planning a Christmas themed wedding, then there are several Christmas plants that are beautiful gifts. Poinsettias, Christmas lilies, mini evergreens or holly are lovely long lasting gifts.

Also consider:
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Pine Cone Sachets
  • Pine Cone Boxes
  • Christmas Tree Soaps
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Cookies in decorative tins

Star Themed Favors Your love is in the stars! Star themed items are extremely popular during this season. Although, not as seasonal as snowflakes or Christmas items, these lend a certain grace and elegance to the season. Some perfect ideas for star inspired winter wedding favors are:
  • Star Bottle Stoppers
  • Star Place Card Holders
  • Star Place Candles

Valentine’s Day Inspired Wedding Favors Although Valentine’s Day is a winter holiday, many people think of warm memories in red, pinks and white. Heart shaped items are popular sellers for these events and as favors. To add a wintry touch to these favors select something with crisp and cool undertones such as silver or crystal. Some of our favorites are:

Winter Wedding Favor Ideas and Inspirations
Winter Wedding Favor Ideas and Inspirations

  • Heart Shaped Bookmarks
  • Heart Shaped Wine Stoppers
  • Heart Shaped Luggage Tags
  • Heart Tins with Chocolates
  • Pink Sweetheart Bath Confetti
  • Heart Shaped Key chains
  • Crystal Heart Perfume Bottles
  • Love Cookie Cutters
  • Love Coasters / Heart Shaped Coasters
We hope your winter wedding is as magical and beautiful as you wish it to be. With so many beautiful winter wedding favors on the market today, you may find it difficult to pick your favorite!

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

7 Must-Haves in a Winter Wedding

Winter themed wedding is just as fun as summer and spring. The dreary winter shouldn't dampen your hopes of having a fun wedding. Of course, all the fun comes with great planning. Here are some of the ingredients that can make a bleak winter into a warmth filled one.

While planning a wedding based on season, you should go for colours that define the season. For winter, colours like whites, pale blue, pale pink, etc can create the effective illusion of wintery atmosphere with accents of warmth. Choose two pastel colour palettes. For a Christmas themed winter wedding, greens, reds and gold make the perfect trio. Avoid yellow, purple and violet. You can use these too if you combine these colours with silver or white.


The save your dates and invitations should speak of winter all the way. One way of doing that would be include designs from the winter environment such as snowflakes and snowman. You can go a step ahead and include dried flowers and winter leaves or plastic miniatures of winter flowers attached to the invitation.

Wedding favours

Chocolate Wedding Favors
Winter being Christmas time, you can center your wedding favours towards the Christmas theme. You can use snowflake, pinecone, Christmas tree and many other Christmas related items as favours. Chocolates, truffles and candies are popular. You can also extend the it to the ornaments, napkin rings, card holders and candles. Incorporating the winter theme in your wedding idea is the ultimate goal.

Embroidered tapestries, silver candelabra, sparkling tiny lights and hues of warm colours like reds, greens and bit of blue define the décor of a winter wedding. Use seasonal flowers and colour palettes that speak of Christmas. But take care not to overdo it and make your wedding avenue look like Santa Claus's headquarters!
Music and flowers

Pale Roses Bouquet
Wedding Centerpieces
Winters are synonymous with elegance and soberness. Gentle piano and traditional wedding music would suit the best. Flowers such as pale roses, orchids, lilies and calla lilies blend in perfectly with the theme of winter weddings.

The Cake

The cake is the star of the day next to the couple. Hence, even if everything else goes wrong, the cake needs to be perfect. Traditionally a wedding is white. Hence, accenting with pink, blues, reds and greens is a good idea. Tones of silver and blues are perfect for placing the cake on.
The Menu

Warmth imparting food is what you must think of while deciding your winter wedding's menu. Summer cocktails and mocktails might not work here. to add the warmth, start with whatever is seasonal. Winter veggies and fruits are said to produce cosy warmth. Hence, cook up a menu that surrounds the 'warmth' theme.
These are the must haves seven in a winter wedding accessories list. Start planning your winter themed wedding with these seven as priorities to start with.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Winter Wedding Decor - 4 Ideas For Your Winter Wedding

The winter wedding decor you choose for your big day can turn a boring, off season wedding into a magical event. All it takes is a little creativity and thought to put it all together.
There are several very big holidays during the winter season that can be used as a springboard for wedding decor ideas. You have the option of planning your entire wedding around a holiday, which many couples end up doing.
Here are four ideas for winter wedding decor:
Your Wedding Month
The month you choose will help to determine the decor you will use for your big day. December weddings can have a completely different feel than a February wedding.

The holidays bring people together, and the holiday season can create a magical atmosphere for your wedding day. Many religious houses and reception spaces will be decorated for the holidays which can help guide you when it comes to decorating for your reception.

Try to visit your reception space a year before your wedding to see how it will be decorated on your big day. Take notes of where they put decorations and what the style is of the decorations they use throughout the space.
If you aren't able to visit your reception space a year before your wedding, ask them how they typically decorate and if they have photos available from past years.
Winter Wedding Colors

Your wedding colors can play a big part in your wedding reception decor. You may not initially think that you have a lot of color options, but you really do.

There are many shades of blue that work well in winter, and red works great if you are getting married around Valentine's Day. Again, check with your reception space to see what colors might work best.
Winter Themes
A great starting point for decor is to choose a winter wedding theme. There are some really fun options to choose from for a wintry wedding.
Blue Ice Theme
Christmas Theme
Valentine Theme
Blue ice is a fun cold weather favorite that can warm up your guests. Christmas weddings can also be fun, and there is always the option of a Valentine's Day wedding theme.
A sure sign of winter is a snowflake, and they make a great wedding theme. Choosing an item, like snowflakes or hearts, can easily turn into a great wedding theme.
Putting It All Together
When you have chosen your reception space, wedding colors and winter wedding theme it then comes time to put all the pieces together. Doing your research and planning work up front will save you a lot of headaches when it comes time to execute your winter wedding decor.
Don't forget to rely on your wedding vendor for reliable help. Your florist, caterer and wedding planner are huge assets to have during the entire process.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Winter Wedding Themes and Ideas

Winter Wedding Themes and Ideas

Planning a winter wedding? Here are some themes and ideas that you can choose from for the most special day of your life.
Who says that weddings should be in June or in the spring? A winter wedding is a romantic idea and if planned right, this memorable day of your life will remain memorable even for the others for many winters to come. With the lights sparkling up the ice and the snow looking very pretty as though laid out for you, winter wedding is a romantic fantasy for many. This article will concentrate on the various themes and ideas. Without further ado, let me introduce you to these ideas to help you plan your wedding, the most important occasion of your life.

Winter Flowers Theme

Winter Wedding Themes and Ideas
Blue Roses and Chrysanthemums
Winter Wedding Themes and Ideas
Red Calla Lilies
Plenty of flowers bloom in the winter season. Flowers like the winter jasmine, carnations, holly berry, chrysanthemums, pansies, orchids and lilies bloom in the winter season and look beautiful in various colors. The winter flowers make amazing winter wedding themes and colors. These flowers can be used as the wedding flowers and you can choose the various pastel colors that these flowers come in, as the winter wedding colors.

Winter Wedding Themes and Ideas
Wedding Invitation
Winter Wedding Themes and Ideas
Flower Wedding Centerpieces
The wedding favors could be accompanied with such flowers and the wedding cake too depict these flowers. The centerpieces can be made by combining these winter flowers attractively. Sapphires and diamonds could be used as the wedding jewelry. The color of these flowers will make wonderful wedding invitations too.

White Beauty Theme

Winter Wedding Themes and Ideas

Winter Wedding Themes and Ideas

Winter is all about the white color with the snow falling continuously. So, why not make a winter wedding theme taking into consideration, the color white. Here, all the things associated with the wedding, right from the wedding flowers to the wedding invitations, will be in the color white. You could use velvet and silk to add richness to the wedding reception. Also, the use of ice for decoration will add its own different charm. For the effect of snowflakes in the wedding hall, as you cannot have an outdoor wedding, you could use cotton or, if you can afford it, make the snowflakes from crystal. These will sparkle in the light and add a very charming elegance to the wedding. Needless to say, white is becoming one of the most popular winter wedding ideas.

Royal Wedding Theme

Winter Wedding Themes and Ideas
Midnight blue, pale blue, gold, silver, red, green etc. are also winter wedding colors as they stand out wonderfully against the white all around. These are also the colors used in a royal wedding. You could select the winter wedding theme as royal wedding and include all these vibrant colors for the wedding decorations, wedding favors and the wedding colors. This theme will look amazing when you throw your wedding reception indoors in a huge hall with loads of chandeliers and quaint wedding centerpieces. To add a classic touch to this theme, you and your spouse could arrive and leave in a coach with footmen opening the doors of the coach and announcing your arrival to the guests and giving you a double door entry.

Fairy Tale Theme

Winter Wedding Themes and Ideas

Who doesn't want a fairy tale wedding? Plan a fairy tale wedding based on your favorite tale and ensure that the entire wedding is planned on those lines. For example, if you love Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, ensure that white dominates the wedding. In case of Rapunzel, you could have gold and blue as dominant colors for the wedding decorations and also for the other aspects like the cake, favors and attire. If you are going for the Little Mermaid theme, then the colors blue and green could be used in your wedding cake, wedding favors, winter wedding decorations etc. For the wedding music, choose something that is very soft yet very romantic. Using a fairy tale as a theme is also one of the several popular wedding themes and ideas.

Holiday Theme

Winter Wedding Themes and Ideas

With the winter season, comes the holiday season too. Your winter wedding could be themed keeping in mind the holidays approaching. Christmas theme is a great theme, even if it is common, it still sets the mood for the holidays. This makes holiday theme one of the great themes and ideas. With white, gold, red and green being the dominant colors, you could use these to decorate your church as well as your wedding reception hall. A Christmas tree could be put up in the corner of the room, underneath which your guests could keep the wedding gifts. Maybe, another Christmas tree in the other corner of the room could have the wedding favors hung on them.

Vintage Theme

We have heard of the saying Old is gold. It is true when it comes to the vintage wedding theme. Choose an era which is famous for whatever reasons, for example, the Victorian era, and arrange your wedding keeping in mind the era. Choose a huge hall which is full of Victorian antiques and arrange for the food to be served with people dressed up in the same way as they were in the Victorian era. If you have a huge fireplace, ensure that it is working fine as it will add a very classic touch to the wedding. The wedding invitations could be made in true Victorian style with the use of scented ink and ribbons and flowers. For the wedding dress, you could select an antique wedding gown from the chosen era. You and your spouse could come in a horse-drawn stagecoach which will add a wonderful touch to the wedding.

With so many themes and ideas to choose from, I am sure you will not find it difficult to plan your winter wedding. Remember winter weddings are very romantic. Add a theme to your wedding and carry out the wedding planning with care to make the most important day of your life, the most memorable one in everyone else's life too.



Winter Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

Winter Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

It is the season of chills, but you add to the thrills of your wedding with these tip and ideas for winter wedding planning.
It the most important time of your life, that moment you have waited for. You want nothing short from the best. This winter season will launch you on a new journey you have always dreamed about. Having a winter wedding can be certainly very advantageous in many ways. Sure, the winter brings a lot of chill and it's not exactly fun to shiver in your wedding gown. Well, the great news is that there are many ideas you can think of to make this event a successful one for your friends, as well as your family.

Winter wedding planning can be fun and can incorporate many innovations in the theme of the wedding. You can see the brighter side; you do not have to doubt and worry about the weather and unexpected showers that cause a damper.

Planning a Winter Wedding

This is where you can experiment with the theme, create dramatic effects and innovate and improvise on the clothing. Planning during winters can also be a lot easier as you will be able to book the venues easily, which will help you manage the event without too much hassle.

The Venue

The choice of the venue largely depends on the number of guests you are planning to invite. The prime factor in this case should be the heating systems. You can look for a club, inn, any historic mansion or palatial place. Then, you need to find out about the seasonal decorations of the place. Many times, the place is generally adequately heated; yet you should be sure there are no chances of a draft that may cause a chill and discomfort to the guests. You must check the locality around the venue; if there is an unexpected increase in the snowfall, the venue should be easy to access and within reach for all your guests.

The Arrival to the Venue

Winter Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

'Tis the Christmas season and time to be jolly! You can opt for a dramatic entrance such as white horse carriage instead of a luxurious car. The idea is to innovate and use this winter season to the fullest.


Winter Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

Most of the places you plan to decorate may already have their own decoration for the interiors. In such cases, all you need to do is add some of your own touches. You add use winter accents such as holly and ivy leaves, pinecones, eucalyptus, Baby's Breath, wheat stems, pumpkin or squash gourds, fir or even some Christmas ornament balls. You can suspend some artificial snowflakes using a transparent fishing line from the ceiling. The tables can be covered with shimmering white tablecloths and can have silver candelabras holding white candles to add to the pure and pristine look. You can check your local store that stocks Christmas objects, to pick some inexpensive buys.

For the centerpiece you can try to add some bright red cranberries to a decorative bowl that if filled with water and contains floating candles. This would contrast well with the shimmering white tablecloths. Add some elements like a gingerbread house or even a decorative ice sculpture that are bound to elicit some 'oohs' and 'aahs' from the guests!


For the girls, this is the time where you can look super hot on a very chilly day. You can stick to your icy cold theme and use a lot of heavy lace and satin in your outfits. Although most women would love to go in for strappy or off-shoulder gowns, these may not prove to be suitable for the chilly weather. For such cases you may have to opt for delicately designed shrugs, shawls, white faux fur or velvet wraps and hooded capes that can look simply awesome when combined with a white wedding dress.

Add some exotic diamond jewelry to add to the cool look that's completely haute for the winter season. Winter formal dresses can be combined with some sexy white satin boots, which can be designed to match your dress. You can add drama to the wedding by opting for colors apart from the basic white, such as icy blues, shimmering silver and steel grays; that can also help you achieve the ice maiden look but in an unconventional way. Ensure that the couple looks well-balanced in terms of the colors used. Winter wedding dresses can thus offer you plenty of options to experiment and carry off different looks.

The Menu

Winter Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas
You can stick to the ice theme and incorporate it in the way the food is presented. Do opt for a white sumptuous cake in three tiers that can be decorated with snowflake patterns. Add some sugar sculptures on the table; use a snow globe and such other elements to add to the effect of the way the food is displayed. How about a white chocolate fountain to add to the excitement? The bottom line is to innovate and present it in a unique way.

Incorporate unique ways to decorate the invitations and create an interest in the minds of the receiver. I am hoping these ideas help you get the basic outline that will help you plan the wedding in the best way possible. This is the time you can let your imagination run wild and try something new from the traditional style of wedding!



Friday, September 20, 2013

Ideas For A Winter Wedding

Traditionally weddings are held in summer or spring, seasons of renewal and growth, where a bride in her beautiful white gown can be warm under the warmth of the sun. However, a winter wedding can be a just as beautiful background to a wedding as the summer. Imagine, white snow, the bright white icy sky and the romantics white fluffy clouds - it's just as picturesque as a summer's day.

Winter Venues

Winter Wedding Venue
When opting for an Xmas wedding, look for a venue that is warm and inviting. Churches can be cold and drafty, so make sure they are heated well beforehand. For the reception and/or wedding, look for a roomy Inn or country house with a large fire place - it will certainly look the part for a winter wedding - not to mention keep your guests warm. Alternatively, look for a venue to hire that will incorporate a Christmas theme into your wedding day venue, such as adding icy whites, with the contrasting greens and reds of the season.

Winter Wedding Décor

The beauty of winter is the contrasting colours, such as the deep green of the holly and the bright red of the berries. Bring the beauty of the season into your wedding by adding décor, such as holly, berries, candles, reefs and even a Christmas tree. You could further incorporate the 'winter' look into your bouquet or your hair accessories.

Winter Wedding Food

In the cold winter months, warm winter soups, smoked meats and roasted meats are a must have for a Christmas wedding. Use vegetables and meats of the season to evoke the feeling of the Christmas season in your wedding.

Winter Wedding's Transport

The common vehicle for a wedding is a limousine or car, yet, in winter a horse and carriage can just picturesque as you travel along the wintry landscape. Combined with chauffeur and ribbons, your transport will look far more glamorous and traditional than any modern vehicle can.

Winter Wedding Dress

In summer, brides can often get quickly overheated in their dresses, in winter it is the opposite. However, a seasonal wedding dress does not mean you have to put up with the cold and wrap up in your warmest fleece as soon as the reception starts. The main pro of a winter wedding is that you can add beautiful shrugs and throws over your wedding dress, keeping you warm, as well as creating an elegant and classy look.

Winter Wedding Rings

Gold's and silvery-white wedding rings beautifully accompany the winter season, and will forever remind of your beautiful winter wedding. Choosing a gold, white-gold or platinum wedding ring with a diamond will add to your rings that icy wintry look, evoking the beautiful clear landscape of winter. Or adding a green or red gemstone will evoke the rich colours of the Christmas season.

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