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Which Island Is Perfect For Your Destination Wedding

Which Island Is Perfect For Your Destination Wedding

A wedding should be filled with surprises and have everything you could imagine. A wedding on the beach is a romantic venture and sometimes you want a little more than the classic sun-filled ceremony. Have you considered the destinations that have all the natural elements to enjoy? Remember the mountains, rainforests, lakes, and waterfalls that you might want as part of your backdrop while you say 'I do."
The four islands in this article will be what you think of as unexpected. A wedding in one of these destinations will be small. The amenities and activities are all there, but in a smaller and quainter scale. You will have a wedding filled with nature and ambiance.

Let's begin:

Which Island Is Perfect For Your Destination Wedding
Grenada - Grenada is an old-fashioned British West Indies island. It is not the easiest of locations to get to for a destination wedding, but everyone says it is worth the effort. The island is small so the hotels are mostly found on the south side. The rest of the island is full of mountains, waterfalls, and rivers. You and your guests can enjoy jungle walks, swimming, or river tubing. And why you are there take a look at the local markets to find out why this destination is referred to as the Spice Island. A dream wedding would be perfect in Grenada.

Which Island Is Perfect For Your Destination Wedding
 Nevis - This island was completed by Mount Nevis and has a history drenched in the planation era. The former plantations are now romantic inns with all of the amenities you could look for. The backdrops make for beautiful photographs whether you stay back at the inn or step out onto the beach for your vows. Take a few moments to tour through the island's plantations and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. Your wedding will have it all.

Which Island Is Perfect For Your Destination Wedding
Belize - This Central American country is lined with coastal towns, endless beaches, and offshore caves. You will surely find every activity you might want to experience for you and your guests. It has the second-largest barrier reef, a jaguar jungle reserve and all the charming shops imaginable. You could have a wedding and reception on the beach in Placencia, or move your nuptials inland for something different. No matter what you are looking for, you can surely plan the wedding of your dreams.

Which Island Is Perfect For Your Destination Wedding
Tobago - Tobago is a small rural isle that is filled with all the amenities and excitement you could look for when planning your wedding. Start by snorkeling at the beach or hike through some of the island's 14,000 acres of tropical forest. Enjoy the energy of the island by listening to the music and experiencing the culture. Your wedding will be one to remember.

It must be hard to choose from these four islands. They each offer a natural backdrop for a perfect destination wedding. Take the time to learn all you can and decide on the most romantic place you can think of.

Which Island Is Perfect For Your Destination Wedding
US Virgin Island
So, now that you have read all four articles you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed. Don't be - just remember the vision of what your wedding should be. Each island destination will be amazing: Jamaica, the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos, Anguilla, Saint Lucia, Saint Barts, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cancun, Aruba, Grenada, Nevis, Belize, and Tobago are just a taste of the possibilities. Dream big and your dream wedding will come true.

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