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The Secrets to Setting a Wedding Budget Plan For $5,000 Or Less

The Secrets to Setting a Wedding Budget Plan For $5,000 Or Less

The cost to get married has never been higher. For most couples it is simply getting too high. This leaves many scrambling for ways to save money. The good news is that you can save lots of money on your wedding. If you are on a really tight budget you can even do it for $5000 or less. Sure, there will be some compromises needed, but you will have a great wedding that won't make you go broke.

I'm going to give you some really great ways to cut the cost on your wedding. You will also discover how to set your budget the right way.

The Secrets to Setting a Wedding Budget Plan For $5,000 Or Less

Setting Your Wedding Budget
Here is the truth: You can only afford what you have in terms of cash. It's not worth getting a loan. It's not worth going into a debt for a wedding. Your going to have more to pay for then just a wedding. You may need a house, a car, or will have kids in the future. The money you save can be used on those things.
Break down what is left after what it costs you to live each month. That is the total amount you can afford to spend. Remember that your wedding is about being in love. That love is what will make your marriage last. How much you spend on your wedding will be irrelevant many years later.

8 Ways To Save On Your Wedding
These 10 ways are how you will bring your cost down to $5000

#1 Buy Wholesale Flowers
It's not very hard to make your own flower arrangements. There are lots of great tutorials online that can show you how to do it. It doesn't even take up much time. All you need to do is buy wholemeal flowers then get busy.

#2 Buy Your Dress On eBay
Some brides will refuse to buy their dress off a site like eBay. I can tell you that you will surprised by the quality of some of them. Many brides can't even tell the different between the ones on eBay or some of the more expensive gowns.

#3 Negotiate On Almost Everything
Always negotiate when you can. Don't settle for the highest price. Let the vendors know that your budget is limited.

#4 Find A Sponsor For At Least One Item
Some vendors will sponsor your wedding in exchange for an add. For example, you can get a free cake if you put "This Cake Was Mad By Baker XYZ. Call xxx-xxxx to have them make your cake today. " below the wedding cake table.

#5 Search For Discount Invitations
A quick search online and you can find some very cheap invitations. You shouldn't have to spend more then $50 to $30 on invitations.

#6 Lasagna For A Meal
A great meal that is affordable is lasagna. Add some salads and finger foods to make it a more complete meal. You could even buy the lasagna frozen at really discount prices.

#7 Go With A DJ
Bands are too pricey for a couple on a budget. A DJ will give you more variety in music and bang for your buck.

#8 Make Your Own Favors
Wedding favors can add up to a fairly large cost if you are having a large wedding. You can make your own easily and for cheap.

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