Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Italian Honeymoon Places to Fall in Love With

A couple's honeymoon is one that can be considered a dream come true for them. They get to spend quality time together, without a worry in the world, and in places where they dreamed to go to. With romance at their side, the key to a great honeymoon is further highlighting that romance and by choosing a place that will make them feel they own the world.

Beaches, modern cities, or a leisurely trip to famous tourist spots are some couple's top choices. Italy is one of these places. And when people think about Italy, fashion, the home of the finest gelato, Italian wines and expansive vineyards, and great Italian coffee are just some of the things that come to mind. A lot of people have found inspiration in Italy. Whether for their paintings, sculptures, or fashion, there are plenty of things and places where one can draw inspiration from.

As a honeymoon place, the top three choices you can have would be Rome, Tuscany, and Sicily. These cities have the comfort every traveler needs - expansive choices for hotels, a lot of restaurant choices, and friendly tourist assistance centers are spread throughout Italy. For a glimpse of these places, here are some travel tips for Rome, Tuscany and Sicily.

Known as the Eternal City, Rome can truly live up to that status every single time. Home of the famous and great architectural wonder, the Coliseum, and the Pantheon and the Catacombs can be found here as well. This rich history of Rome (in every aspect of the word) is the main reason why hundreds of people visit Rome for leisurely reasons. The Trastevere has cobblestone streets that reflect that artistry and ingenuity of Italian people that has always been evident. Shopping is one of the other main reasons why Rome is frequented by visitors. Fine Italian leather and fashion can be considered to have sprung from Rome.
Tuscany is one of the most popular art centers of Italy. Art galleries of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and other famous artists in history can be found here. Rare collections of antiques and other memorabilia are being sold in auctions all throughout the year. And of course, the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa can be found in this artsy city as well.

Sicily has the elegant and grand churches of Italy. To further supplement this pleasant sight, winding roads, mountains and coastlines can make you feel you have travelled back in time to Italy's opulent past.
Italy is wired to the world. You can do business and financial transactions even while touring. Major credit cards and other traveler protection insurance is available as well. And just like any other trip, prior preparation is important. Of course, the handy but reliable digital camera should capture all those great scenic moments preferably in high definition. Make arrangements with your travel agent about accommodation and get great deals on tours. Or you can have a DIY trip and have fun exploring Italy with your loved one - making memories to last a lifetime.

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