Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to Find Red Wedding Shoes

Are you looking for those perfect red wedding shoes? Have you been shopping and can only find white or ivory bridal shoes? Don't know how to find that perfect red wedding shoe? Well here are a few tips to help you find the perfect red shoes for wedding.

First, note the shade of red that you want. A red bridal shoe can come in many different shades. You may find that you love the bright candy red such as that found on a candy red apple. Or, you may find that you prefer the maroon color which is a darker red. Or, you may think that you want a deeper rich red. What ever read that you want, have a swatch so that you can show the salesperson.

If you've just say that you want a red shoe, they won't bring you all sorts of red shoes in the wrong shade. Knowing what shade you want will help the person narrow it down. It will also help your bridesmaids and your mother keep an eye out for that shoe while they are shopping.

Second, stop asking for red wedding shoes. Start asking for red shoes. In the store, nobody is going to label their shoes as a red wedding shoe. Instead, they will say that these are red shoes for every occasion. Looking for a pure red shoe will allow you to find more shoe options. You should definitely search for red wedding shoes online. However, if you want more selection, go ahead and put in red shoe to increase the number of options that you have.

Third, make sure you shop in the right season. During the spring, you will see a lot more pastel colors shoes such as the pink or yellow shoes. During the summer, you may see more summer sandals and white shoes. It is during the fall and winter that you will find the most red shoes for you to choose from. Even if your wedding is not in the fall or winter, wait until those seasons to start shopping. You will find a larger selection and a greater variety for you to choose from.

Finally, start looking in your bridesmaids closets. Almost every girl will have one pair of red shoes that they love or that they bought in order to look sexy one night. They may not always remember that shoe so it is up to you to ask your friend whether or not they have shoes for you to borrow. Most people will have that pair of red, but will not remember that they even have it until they look through their closet.

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