Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wedding Flower Centerpieces Using White Wedding Flowers

As spring approaches, the wedding season and all the hoopla surrounding it begins. With the receptions, ceremonies, wedding and bridesmaid dresses to name a few, not to mention the flowers the costs all add up rather quickly. Thus, what I thought I would do is help brides on a budget by showing how to make inexpensive yet elegant wedding flower centerpieces using white wedding flowers. Then you can always add some color to the table along with these flower arrangements by accenting your tables with colored votive candles, rose petals or colored napkins.

Wedding flower centerpieces can start anywhere from a simple bowl of fresh flowers to an elaborate silver centerpiece with candles and small satellite flower arrangements surrounding it. Table centerpieces can cost anywhere beginning at $20 and grow to hundreds of dollars. But how about the bride who is on a budget and wants pretty white wedding flowers? Here are the simple steps to take to create DIY wedding flowers.
To make your wedding flower centerpieces, first start with a small glass container, square or round, one tea leaf and one to two dozen flowers such as roses. It is probably best to use a glass container that has a five to six inch opening.

The next step is to cut the stems of the flowers so that they fit the container you selected for your flower arrangements. Most professional florists use a sharp knife to cut the stems at an angle. What can I say, I am not a professional florist and I used a pair of sharp scissors to cut the stems. Measure the flowers in the jar to see if you shortened them to the desired length. Then, to hide the stems in the glass container, take your tea leaf and wrap it on the inside of the glass container.

Once you have the desired length of the flower stem, tie the stems together. Either string, a rubber band or wire twister will work just fine. If you want to accent the white wedding flowers on the side of the vase, add some ribbon or greenery as seen in the picture above. Fill the vase up with water, add a packet of chrysal to keep the flowers fresh and place the bouquet in the water. To finish off your DIY wedding flowers, you may need to work with the bouquet a little to ensure there are no holes or empty spaces in the arrangement.

If your wedding is at night, accent your wedding flower centerpieces with votive candles or throw a contrasting color of rose petals around the flower arrangements or both! DIY wedding flowers can be just as elegant as a professional's but you don't need to tell anyone! I hope you have fun creating white wedding flowers for your wedding or a dinner party. Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, stylish, fun and economical to all!

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