Friday, January 24, 2014

Unique Wedding Light Decorations on Your Special Day

Have you been thinking of a way on how you can make your wedding more magical? Not a lot of people realize it but a creative display of lights can make any wedding and reception seem like something out of a fairy tale. Lights can bring out the emotions and the mood that you want to portray, and there's nothing better than using them to make your guests feel as magical as you do on your wedding day.


If you want to put lights on your table centerpieces, the best kind of lights to use are the battery-operated mini lights. Lights on the floral bouquets will make them look simply magical and will highlight the beautiful floral arrangements for your centerpieces.

String lights are best used to accent doors or windows, or hung from the ceiling above to give you that starry canopy. They are best used at outdoor weddings because the contrast of the night and the string lights will make the venue glow more.

Small globe wedding lights also look great when hanging from the ceiling and can even be used together with the string lights for a more special ambiance.

But you have to keep in mind though that when using lights to decorate your wedding or reception venue, it's recommended that you keep extra strands for emergency situations. And in the case of your wedding, you can't risk having anything to go wrong. Any nervous bride will forever be thankful for having extra lights in stock during her wedding. Also, when you're dealing with lights, make sure that you take the necessary safety measures such as making sure that none of the wires are in people's ways, and you plug your lights correctly.

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