Monday, January 27, 2014

Creating Spectacular Bridal Shower Centerpieces

A centerpiece should be just what the name says it is, something that takes center stage in making your tables look just right. You want to come up with a look that is based on the theme you are using for the shower as well as something that is bright, colorful, and designed to catch the eye of your guests. Keep reading to find out about some memorable centerpieces you can use for your upcoming bridal shower.

It's always great to create centerpieces made in pieces so that each of your guests will have a favor to take home with them. One easy and inexpensive way you can do this is by going to a local dollar store and purchasing ceramic coffee mugs. You can choose the colors and designs you like, or you might want to choose mugs with all different sayings on them. Rent a helium tank, and fill colorful balloons. Tie each balloon to the handle of a mug with a 12" piece of curling ribbon. Wrap some candies in cellophane to tuck into each mug, and then stack the mugs in a pyramid in the center of the table. The mugs and balloons will make an eye-catching centerpiece, and each guest will enjoy taking one home.

Using food items for your table centerpieces is also a good idea. If you decorate your tables with platters of decorated cookies, miniature tiered wedding cakes, or even bowls of fruit, the centerpieces can then be eaten for dessert. You can buy cookie and lollipop bouquets that will look lovely and taste great, and the new cupcake display stands that have become so popular can give you the base for a dazzling cupcake display.

Never overlook the fact that a simple bouquet of flowers can be the loveliest centerpiece of them all. You can purchase bouquets from a florist or find old vases at flea markets and create your own. You might want to make your centerpieces using the bride's favorite flowers, or you can mix and match any types of flowers or colors you choose. Fresh flowers will look and smell nice, but you'll be able to save silk flower arrangements to use again at another function.

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