Monday, January 20, 2014

7 Tips For Spring Wedding Centerpieces

If you are getting married in the spring, you are taking advantage of one of the most beautiful times of year. All of your surroundings don't have to be just naturally beautiful, and; in accordance with the spring season, there are many different centerpieces that you can use to enhance and decorate the occasion.

A wedding centerpiece adds an element of harmony to a wedding as well as providing an important focal point to the festivities. Take some time to really think about what kind of theme you want for your wedding and make sure that you have some time to really work it out. A well-designed centerpiece, whether you put it together yourself or discuss your ideas with your wedding planner who then creates it, can bring together the whole event as well as give you a wonderful souvenir. Take a look below for some great ideas to get you started

Traditional Flowers
Just because they're traditional doesn't make them boring! Add a breath of spring to your wedding by adding fresh spring flowers to the centerpiece. Consider tulips, hyacinths and crocuses, some very lovely, very traditional spring flowers remarkable for their color.

With Easter right around the corner, you can decorate your wedding's centerpiece with lovely colored eggs. If you want something a little more sophisticated than the dye kits you get at the drug store, consider finding a specialist who can make you vibrant, traditionally dyed eggs in every hue and vibrancy you can think of.

Spring is a time of quick, silver showers so bring this cool sparkling atmosphere to mind with the use of crystal. One way to do this is to get some quartz or aquarium pebbles that are clear or slightly tinted from the craft store and scatter them around the table. This adds a lovely sparkle to the surroundings.

Just like flowers, budding trees branches are a wonderful sign of the earth waking up again. Find a place that will give you fresh blooming pussy willows or budding dogwood for a less standard, still charming touch to your wedding.

Fruit Blossoms
Have you ever noticed how good apple and orange blossoms smell? If you live in the right area, you can strew these blossoms everywhere. They have a lovely aroma and depending on the species, can add a vibrant streak of color to your wedding.

When you put together candles for a spring wedding, you're often told to keep things pale, but there's no reason they can't be vibrant as well! When you are looking for candles, white is traditional, but take a look around for other hues that please you as well. Consider a light pink, or, if that seems a little too feminine, a lovely pale green.

There are lots of ways to incorporate water into your centerpiece, but one great way is through crystal bowls with floating candles on top. You can also put floating plants inside or in the case of some adventurous wedding planners, colorful fish, though you should always look forward to those fish needing homes afterwards.

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