Thursday, April 9, 2015

Place Card Holders and Place Settings at the Wedding Breakfast

When it comes to planning a wedding, many brides agonize over the seating plan. This is largely because there are certain individuals who cannot be within 10 foot of other individuals for a whole host of reasons. So, in order to keep things slick and the wedding planning machine well oiled, a clear seating plan and the inclusion of place cards are essential.

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Depending on your venue, you may be offered a seating plan board. This could be anything from a blackboard to a flipchart depending on where you are having your reception. Some events co-ordinators are more helpful in these areas than others, so it is probably a good idea to be clear about what you want. The type of seating plan board should reflect the theme of your wedding if possible, along with appropriate place card holders.

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When it comes to choosing your place card holders, as previously stated, it is important to keep them in the overall style of the big day. If you are having a traditional wedding, Victorian Style Tea Light Holders would look fabulous. You can then insert ivory and gold trimmed place cards, ideally written in an old-fashioned style font. These would work equally well if you are having a summer garden party style wedding. Your table planner can then be hand-written in calligraphy on stunning parchment paper and - if possible - trimmed with a gold-foiled edge.

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If you are a more modern bride, desperate to try something new and unusual why not go for a cute porcelain bud vase as a place card holder? The card slots neatly in the front and the vase can be filled with a precious rose or a pretty gerbera to co-ordinate with your other floral arrangements. These add height, colour and beauty to your reception tables and look fabulous up close and from a distance.

A simple silver place card holder is also a good choice as these co-ordinate well with the silver cutlery usually placed at each setting. They look great with a silver edged place card inserted, especially if the names are written in silver too. They can also double up as favours so guests have a small gift to take away with them at the end of the day. You could tie in the silver theme with your seating plan and go for a silver edged seating plan hand written in silver ink.

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Whatever style wedding you are having, remember the following to ensure a stress free wedding: -
-Make sure the seating plan is clear and easy to read

-Co-ordinate place cards, place card holders and seating plan together
-Ensure guests who do not get along are not sitting next to or opposite each other
-If you are using place card holders as wedding favours, remember to tell guests to take them home
-If someone else is writing the place-cards, triple check spellings of names to ensure they are spelt correctly
Good Luck!

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