Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wedding Reception Centerpieces: An Important Component of Wonderful Wedding Reception

Reception is an important part of the wedding; therefore, people spend lot of time planning this special event to make it memorable and perfect in every manner. While planning wedding reception, more attention should be given to decoration, food and entertainment. If everything is perfect and laid-out properly, it will turn your event a grand success.

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Decoration plays a significant role in making the atmosphere engaging, beautiful and memorable. For this, selection of the reception venue is important. The venue of the reception should be selected by taking into consideration several factors, like vicinity, people gathering capacity, cost and many more. While decorating the wedding reception venue, attention should be paid even on small things, so as to add a unique touch to the celebration. You can use flowers, balloons, colorful papers, and even feathers to decorate your wedding reception place. Table settings, linens, lights, and other decoration arrangements should be just appropriate to make the atmosphere more pleasing.

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Use of feathers to decorate your wedding reception place is a distinct, creative and stylish way to add attraction to the celebration. Feathers can not only be used to decorate the place, but can also be used to make and ornament dresses, bouquets, centerpieces and other useful items that can be used in wedding reception party. Wedding reception table centerpiece is the center of attraction among the whole decoration, as the guests spend most of their time on the designated tables. Therefore, the table centerpiece needs to be eye-catching. You can use flowers, cluster of mirrors and candles, and feathers to design and make beautiful table centerpieces. Centerpieces made-up from plumes look very appealing and pleasant. You can use different types of bird's plumes to make wedding reception centerpieces. Ostrich, Peacock, and Pheasant plumes are some of the most popular plumes used to make artistic centerpieces.

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Peacock quills - These plumes are very bright and colorful in nature; therefore, wedding centerpieces made from them look highly fascinating.

Ostrich quills - These quills are very large and soft; hence, perfect for making centerpieces.

Pheasant quills - These quills are long, tapered and unique in appearance; hence, can be used to make unique centerpieces.

While decorating or making centerpieces for your wedding reception party, you need to ensure that they perfectly match or compliment party decoration.

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