Friday, November 7, 2014

Six Cheap Theme Wedding Ideas

Congratulations. He asked and you said yes! Now the fun of planning a wedding starts. You want something different but costs is an issue. Maybe a cheap theme wedding could be fun to plan. Yes, with all the expense of a wedding you don't want to blow the budget on extreme luxuries You want a memorable wedding and you want it as cheap as you can with it still being nice. Here are six cheap wedding theme wedding ideas:

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1. What about a 50s theme. Go watch Happy Days and get some ideas. I am sure you have family members with some 50s memorabilia. Make a cardboard jukebox and put out some 45s. Look for those 50s colors and add some toys from the era. Perhaps a gown that your grandma wore will start the theme. You can hit those thrift stores and find all kinds of stuff to use.

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2.A winter theme. Those white cotton table covers and blue decor. Add some icy scenes and ice skates. Maybe a few snow men and frost everything. Perhaps a winter wonderland scene and some hats and scarfs on your stuffed animals.

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3. The Brady Bunch theme. This goes to the 70s. watch the shows and get some ideas. Maybe some 70s attire and those flashy bell bottoms hanging around. Set up a fake Brady Bunch set to get your pictures taken at. The 70s is easy to find when you go to the second hand stores. The colors were bright and peace signs were still in from the 60s.

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4. Black and White. Yes, simple as it sounds it could be fun. Everything in black and white and even making your photos black and white.

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5. Colors of the rainbow. A big rainbow with a pot of gold for a photo spot. Use the colors through out your reception and colors in the wedding. Ribbons strung in these colors and balloons of each color in bunches. You can almost see the sun shining.

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6. Camping theme. Why not? If camping is your thing. Put up a tent with a table in it for effect. Get a fake fire going and get that camping equipment out. Some fake trees with some swim attire hanging to dry. Sleeping bags with some blow up dolls. Can't you see this coming together with added touches. Lanterns at the tables.

You might get creative with the meals too. But you can see that using items you have or can pick up inexpensively will by fairly easy. Having a nice wedding is a memory you want to keep. When not put together a cheap theme wedding and have fun with it too.


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