Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentines Wedding Theme

A Valentines wedding theme is all about love and romance. Hearts, flowers, bows and chocolates are common symbols of love on Valentine's Day. They are also perfect items that you can use to bring a Valentines Day wedding theme to life!
Here are some tips and ideas you can use to make your Valentines Day theme stand out:

Color Scheme
o Red
o White
o Pink

Design your invitations "set the stage" for your theme. This will automatically show your guests what theme you are planning to have.
o Shape the invitations into 2 intertwined hearts.
o Have hearts and flowers (roses are a must!) on the invitations.
* Have heart-shaped confetti sprinkled inside the envelope.
o Start the invitation wording with the word "Love". For example: "We would love if you attended"

Any flowers can be used, but of course red roses are always a top choice, because they are said to stand for love. Here are some other options:
o Red roses
o Pink roses
o White roses
o Daisies
o Peonies
o Lilies
o Tulips

o Use floral arrangements on the reception tables and scatter flowers petals around them.
o Floating candles in large decorative glass bowls.
o Accent your flowers and roses with white or pink ribbons.
o Have hanging cupid decorations
o Have a chocolate fountain to dip fruit and marshmallows into
o Have a red wine or red fruit punch fountain
* Have a candy or cinnamon heart "buffet"

Wedding Cake
o White iced cake decorated with red roses (real or sugar). Or the opposite: a red iced cake with white roses.
o A heart shaped cake.
* A multi-tier cake with hearts, bow, ribbons, flowers and flower petals adorning it.

o Heart shaped measuring spoons
o Heart shaped candles
o Heart wine stoppers
o Heart favor boxes filled with candy or mints
o Soap in the shape of hearts.
o A cookie mold in the shape of a heart.

Though there are many other creative ways to bring this theme to life, hopefully these ideas have given you a good starting point.
Good luck, and have a uniquely romantic wedding!

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