Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Valentines Red Wedding Celebration

One of the most exciting and fun red weddings to plan is the valentines wedding. Valentines is a celebration of love and passion. The color red exemplifies all that and more. Planning a Valentines red wedding can be incredibly fun. And it doesn't have to be in just February either!

Valentine's Day is celebrated in many forms around the world. While there is the traditional version on February 14th, other countries have "love" days in different months. For instance in Wales and the UK it is celebrated on January 25th. In Slovenia they celebrate love on Saint Gregory's day, the 12th of March. All over the world celebrations of love happen in every month. So while you may have a theme of Valentines, the actual idea is a theme of "love". Celebrating love for a wedding is the ideal theme. And red, the color of hearts and roses, is the perfect color.

Wedding Invitation
A red theme will need many different components. From decorations to invitations, each piece of the wedding should be accented with small red hearts, roses or other red Valentine traditions. But a Valentine theme will be perfect with pink and red combined.

Wedding Aisle

Pink and red roses as the flowers will be gorgeous spread throughout the church and reception hall. Since red roses mean love and passion; and pink roses mean grace and gentility, they are the perfect flower to march down the aisle alongside.

Weddding Centerpieces

Wedding Favor
When picking out centerpiece flowers, it might be wise to mix up the red, or pink and red, with a little white, or cream. Something fun for your guests would be Valentine heart candy in small baskets or gaily wrapped pink tulle sachets. Hot tamales also would be fun and creative. For more sophisticated choices a mini bottle of red wine is an ideal wedding favor.

Red dresses are hot in and look very sophisticated and sexy on the bride. You can also accent pink or white dresses with red sashes to add a little splash of color, rather than a dousing.

Wedding Cupcake
Wedding Cake

When coordinating your theme, be sure to check what other shades of red are available and hold them next to each other to make sure they are complimentary as well.  There are shades of red range from orange red to Vermillion, scarlet and maroon.
There are so many little things to do have at a Valentine's wedding it might be tempting to go overboard. Remember that less can be more and adding a touch of other colors is not a bad idea.

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