Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wedding Locations to Consider

Manor House
For a traditional setting, with a guest list ranging between 10 to 120 people, indoor venue possibilities can extend from restaurants, country clubs, convention centres, hotels, art galleries to community halls, pavilions, conference or sports centres, lodges, resorts and historic homes.


New Zealand now has a selection of spectacular boutique vineyards scattered throughout the country, combining beautiful buildings with outstanding locations and their own superb wines. These are perfect for a European-style garden banquet, accompanied by an elegant string quarter.


If you thinking of a location that requires a marquee, be warned that the costs involved can be similar to a classic wedding venue, however a marquee does offer flexibility in terms of place and time of year. There are a variety of sized and styles, including designs with entrance-way canopies and fitted silk walls and roofs that can be pulled back to enjoy the outdoors, or various options that let in the light but keep the rain out.
For magical evening celebrations, marquees can be dressed with fairy lights or sparkling chandeliers. Floors of interlocking tiles in wood or plastic, synthetic grass matting or carpet can be installed to protect everyone's footwear and the bride's train. Large freestanding gas heaters will keep away the chill.
A marquee is also the perfect answer for a very large function. A recent mid-winter wedding for than 1,000 guests was just that. The marquee was set up on a grass reserve by the water and took two teams of 10 people working day and night for 48 hours to erect. There was space for the wedding feast, an entertainment stage, a reception area for guests to mix and mingle, and a security area for gifts. This was linked by a covered walkway, which proved a life-saver when it poured and blew on the day.

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