Monday, August 5, 2013

Marriage Advice For Newlyweds - What You'll Be Glad You Learned Early About Marriage!

Did you just get married and now you're looking for marriage advice for newlyweds?
If so then pat yourself on the back because you're being proactive. Most people don't seek advice until their marriage is in dire trouble.

Whether you're seeking this advice because you've been seeing some turmoil or because you just want to get ahead of the game, this article will help you...

What you'll Be Glad You Found Out Early in the Game...
Getting married is an exciting and fun time, and usually people in the lovely honeymoon stage are blissful and fully in love.

Your job should be to try and keep it in that stage for as long as possible. Here's the deal, I had a ton of trouble in my marriage, in fact it stretched out to be about 5 years or so of trouble.

But I don't say that to discourage you at all. You see unlike a lot of people I'm not jaded by marriage. I think marriage can and should be a life long celebration of two people who found each other, connected, and made a decision to stay together for the rest of their lives.

Most people take that vow very light heartedly these days with one eye on the divorce attorney business card all the while. That's not the right way to go about things, and the one thing that I talk about a lot is how you should totally take divorce off the table as an option. Totally burn that bridge and I think you'll see your marriage have a lot more success.

What You As a Newlywed Should Start Doing Now Rather Than Wait...
You probably think I'm going to say learn to communicate effectively right? That's what everyone says. Sure learn to communicate that's important too, but not as important as learning to embrace one another's differences.

And while they're still prevalent in your mind, before life gets in the way start taking notes of all the things that you truly love and admire about your spouse, and take the time to notice those things each and everyday. Become and learn to love each other as best friends and your marriage will survive the thick and thin, because it's my opinion and that the bond of friendship lasts longer than the bond of sexual love and intimacy.
But the two together make a powerful combination and can literally change the entire course of your marriage. Most people will never get the marriage advice that they need in order to enjoy the marriage they deserve.

And if you're taking your marriage vows seriously then you truly do deserve a great marriage and if you do a few simple things that I've told you, you will get exactly that.
But What if My Marriage Is Already Seeing Trouble...

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