Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Advice On Marriage For Newlyweds

Advice On Marriage For Newlyweds

Are you a newlywed? Do you find that marriage is not what you were expecting? Are you finding you are learning more and more things about your partner that you didn't know beforehand, good and bad? Are you having second thoughts of your marriage?

Truth is, almost every marriage, people go through all of this. It is new and something newlyweds do not think of beforehand. Nothing matters when you are truly in love, right? Almost every newlywed, especially between the ages of 18-21, is having second thoughts of their marriage. Are you part of the statistics?
Of the newlyweds that are having second thoughts, they find that after marriage, they find themselves getting lost:

1. Loss of interest
2. Loss of ambition
3. They find themselves giving up more then they anticipated
4. Mixed feelings for their mate
5. Loss of friends
6. Boredom
7. Financial burdens

Almost every newly wed marriage starts like this. It is up to you to let it take a hold of you and destroy you're once was loving relationship and become something like a job. You can get help and advice on newlywed marriage and cope with every detail on why your newlywed marriage has changed the way you feel for each other. I speak from experience; I too was in depression of my marriage. When my wife and I were newlyweds, we started finding out so much more that we did not know before. These are things we didn't feel were important before, but slowly realized, is very important for our relationship to work. We were just like you, truly and deeply in love and wanted to just rush in and get married; well for one we had a major reason for doing so...But that is an entirely different story.

Even with all hardship we have gone through, I must say we are happily married for 7 years now. We been through everything and sought help from everywhere. We knew we were in love, it was just we felt we both just gave away our life and there was nothing we could do about it now.

Through newlywed counseling, we found the advice that we needed. It is a giant step for and newlyweds to overcome, especially if you haven't lived with each other prior to marriage.
Advice on marriage for newlyweds:
1. Be open about everything prior to marriage
2. Keep your finances in good standings
3. Don't lose contact with family and friends
4. Do not fall into a routine with your mate
5. No secrets

Prior to marriage, I am sure you both kept secrets from each other, right? Every marriage has some secrets, but certain secrets should be disclosed that can burden a marriage. It is better to be honest and truthful at anything. The truth will always come out.

Every newlywed marriage will need advice, even if you do not feel so. Best bet is not to hold it in within you, but to let it all out. Even if that means seeking a counselor, talking to your partner or friends, and even talking to your family, truth is a marriage is not as simple as one may think. If you are looking for advice on marriage for newlyweds, it shows you really want the marriage to work. Just never give up on your relationship; you did get married for a reason, right?

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