When it comes to planning a wedding that your guests will surely enjoy, it will do you well to focus on the over-all experience that you will be providing them, as opposed to spending too much time worrying about the favors that they will be taking home at the end of the special ceremony. With this said, researching about cute yet cheap wedding favors should be on the top of your To Do list. Don't worry your pretty little head about this task, for there are a lot of choices that you may use to mark your special day without spending too much money. Go through the following suggestions and see if they will fit the theme and the wedding experience that you designing.

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If you want your wedding to have a more fun and youthful feel, then a great idea for you to use wristbands and bracelets for your wedding favor. Bracelets that are made out of interwoven fabric and beads, for example, and will be great for beach or garden weddings. If you are planning to have a slightly more elegant or mature function, then you may use simpler metal varieties. As long as you choose bracelets that will be easy to merge to one's usual wardrobe, there is no doubt that your guests will be using your bracelets even after your big day. You will not even have to shell out a big amount of money for this kind of item, for you will be able to enjoy big discounts if you order the bracelets in bulk.

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If you are a big on arts and crafts, then you may use this interest of yours to come up with ideas that will show your guests how thankful you are of their presence on your wedding. For example, you find cheap glass vases in your local flea market and decorate them by hand. You may include you and your partner's name and the date of your wedding at the bottom part of the vase, so that your guests will remember your wedding every time they see it. Incorporate your theme by adding little touches, for a beach wedding fill the vase with shells, for a winter wedding ass ever greens, for a garden wedding a potted plant, the list goes on at what you can do with a simple vase.

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Scented candles are very popular wedding favors too, because the a both functional and inexpensive. You will not have to shell out a big amount of cash for your favors if you choose to go with this option, scented candles are very easy to find and are very affordable as well. For a special touch choose candles that will have real beneficial effects for your guests. If your friends tend to be very busy with their everyday lives, then find a scent that will help them calm down when necessary. Place a personalized ribbon around your candle, add an event card that will commemorate the day, and you will be good to go! You can go a step further and have the holder imprinted with the date of the wedding and your names for little or no cost at all. There are so many cheap wedding favors out there you just have to look. Be sure to search out coupons that will save you even more money on things like shipping and set up fees. Be sure to remember those closest to you with special groomsman gifts and bridesmaids gifts that go above and beyond the favors.


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