Sunday, December 7, 2014

Planning Your Wedding: Wedding Lanterns

Planning a wedding is a stressful and there are so many details to think about. If only it was as simple as a venue, a dress and an impressive menu. Unfortunately, there are many smaller considerations to make, from favours to entertainment and more, which can all add up to a serious amount of stress. If you're looking for a feature for your wedding which could make a big impression with only a small cost then think about wedding lanterns.

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Based on the traditional Chinese flying lanterns, wedding lanterns are an impressive yet simple and inexpensive way of making a big impression on your guests. As well as this, they offer a display that the guests themselves contribute to and get involved in. Fireworks are more expensive, noisy and can only be released by one person. Chinese wedding lanterns are safe and affordable enough for everyone to let them off, with the exception of young children and are calm, soothing and simply stunning to watch.

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You can buy wedding lanterns online from any respected retailer. Obviously, not all retailers are as good as others so it is important to check that you're buying environmentally friendly, wire free, biodegradable lanterns. Most online stockists' prices work on a sliding scale, with the cost per lantern reducing as you buy more. This is obviously very advantageous when you are buying several for a wedding.

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The beauty of lanterns goes beyond their aesthetics. They are traditionally considered to bring luck and take away concerns and worries, which is of course, particularly pertinent as the newlyweds embark upon their shared life together.


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