Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lovely Barn Wedding Venues With Accommodation

Dreaming of a rustic wedding far from the maddening chaos of the city? For city-dwelling engaged couples who love natural scenery, nothing can be more relaxing than a barn wedding venue. Few people can visualize how a sleepy old barn can be transformed into the most charming wedding venue. The wedding ceremony itself can take place in a spruced up outdoor area, while guests can stay comfortable in spacious refurbished cottages with lovely country-inspired furniture pieces and decors.

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 The great thing about booking a barn wedding venue with accommodation is that it eliminates much hassle in ensuring that all attendees, including the bride & groom, will arrive promptly and in their relaxed & resplendent best.

Interestingly, there are highly suitable farm & stable wedding venues nowadays that pay careful attention to details and consider the needs & requirements of the bride & groom as well as the entire bridal entourage and families of the betrothed.

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In terms of planning, professional firms offering luxury venues make planning less tedious by setting up the beautiful outdoor reception, with nature as backdrop. On the other hand, the interiors of the barn dwelling space for the bridal entourage, family, and other special guests may be tastefully adorned with farm implements or tools reminiscent of the simple life of yesteryears.

Oftentimes, there is a lot of wooden furniture - from dining sets that evoke rustic charm, to beds that offer supreme comfort. Most barn wedding venue with accommodation options also include vintage-looking home items such lamps, and appliances like a log burning stove.

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Prices & availability of packaged offerings for barn wedding venue with accommodation for your dream wedding can be obtained online. Whether you and your hubby are planning an intimate wedding with just a handful of guests, or a big one with up to a hundred guests, you can use a beautifully transformed barn for the ceremony, and ensure utmost rest and filling meals for all attendees. The selected catering company can work with clients and take into consideration special dietary requirements, tastes, and budgets.

Often thrown into the package, apart from a bridal suite that may come with modern amenities (like television and microwave oven) and may be overlooking a picturesque scenery or well-trimmed courtyard, is the full use of gardens and grounds. Indeed, a barn wedding venue with accommodation can serve as a lovely home away from home, that promises the bride & groom and their guests a memorable & wonderful stay.


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