Friday, May 23, 2014

Red Wedding Theme: The Best Ways to Use Red As the Theme of Your Wedding

Having a red wedding theme is daring and exciting. It shows that this bride likes to break the rules and is not afraid of trying something different. Red evokes feelings of love and passion, which is quite appropriate for a wedding. In fact weddings in many Asian cultures revolve around the color red, it symbolizes luck and good fortune. It can be seen from the wedding attire to the decorations.

If you are looking to have a wedding that is out of the ordinary, why not spice things up with a red wedding theme? The color is so vibrant, it makes an enormous impact no matter how it's used. Combine it with other colors to either tone it down or enhance its beauty. Red looks great as an accent for white, it pops when placed next to pink and becomes more lively in combination with purple. If you want your wedding theme to be centered around the color red, use the other colors sparingly.

The bride being the center of attention on the big day must be able to wear red well. It's not unheard of to completely ditch the white wedding gown for a bright red one instead. Imagine the stunned looks on people's faces when you walk down that aisle in an awe-inspiring red gown. If that's a little too daring for you, there are many other ways to accent your look with embellishments or accessories. Don't forget about the makeup, apply a nice shade of red lipstick to top it all off.

For an all out red wedding theme, get the bridesmaids and groomsmen in on the action too. Picture your bridesmaids in sexy little red dresses with a side swept up-do and red flowers as the headpiece. The groomsmen can either wear a red boutonniere or cummerbund. You won't be able to find a better looking wedding party, just having them stand together beside you will be a visual delight for all of your guests.

Lucky for you, there are numerous flowers that come in beautiful shades of red. From roses and tulips to azaleas and daisies, these flowers are gorgeous on their own, but even more beautiful when arranged with other flowers. If you are wearing a completely red wedding dress then add some other colors to the bridal bouquet so that the color is not drowned out when you hold it. If you are wearing a white dress, holding a bouquet composed of only red flowers will really draw more attention to you. Besides using flowers for your bridal bouquet or as the table centerpiece, why not scatter some red rose petals everywhere? It adds a bit of romance to the entire atmosphere.

A red wedding theme would not be complete without serving some red velvet cake. The wedding cake can be impeccably designed with red frosting, maybe add some more of those petals for aesthetic appeal. There are a number of other eye-catching ways to decorate the reception area in the color red. Use red to contrast the color white for the table settings, add some red candles in the center, you can even stamp your placeholders with bright red lipstick marks. Red is a fun color to work with, you can get so many creative ideas for using it to make your wedding special.

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