Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Red Wedding Flowers

While an all red wedding may seem too daring, these flowers are fairly common in traditional weddings, as they stand for romance and luxury. A red roses bouquet perfectly complements a white or cream wedding dress, creating a striking effect.

Exotic flowers such as red hibiscus are very popular in tropical beach weddings, such as Hawaiian weddings. These flowers are used in bridal bouquets, for flower necklaces and even worn in the bride's hair, adding a touch of passion and exoticism. Also, they are a great compliment to a black and red wedding, being the perfect splash of color on a black wedding gown or bridesmaid dress.

The perfect red flowers for a wedding are by far the red roses. Two species of these are most often used in bouquets, due to their wonderful color and velvety texture: "Grand Prix" and "Passion".

Other popular flowers for brides' bouquets are: anthurium, red calla lilies, red Asiatic lilies and red orchids. For centerpieces and other wedding flower arrangements, one can use also: red tulips, red hibiscus and red gerbera daisies. If you want to add a royal touch to your wedding, add light blue flowers to your arrangements. If you're having an outside wedding, the perfect match for your red flowers are bright yellow flowers. However, you are free to use whatever are your favorites for your wedding. Two things to remember though:

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