Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fruit Bouquets: How to make your Wedding Bouquet a Talking Point

Are you looking for something a bit different for your wedding day? Something that
shows how trendy, fun-loving and interesting you are, without being tacky? Well
instead of using a normal every-day boring bouquet of flowers, why not make
yourself a bouquet made of fruit?

Yes thats right I said fruit!

Now you're probably thinking that a fruit bouquet would be interesting, but that it
might not be quite the look you want for your wedding. In fact, maybe you're
thinking a fruit bouquet would just look plain ridiculous!

Well, I think you'll be surprised how good a fruit bouquet can actually look. If you
keep the bouquet small and prepare the bouquet carefully, you can have a really
great looking wedding bouquet that will definitely be a talking point amongst your
family and friends afterwards.

The trick is to not overload the bouquet with too much fruit. If you add too much
fruit, it will start to look tacky, and you'll have trouble carrying the bouquet down
the aisle!

So what fruit do you use in a fruit bouquet?
I suggest using a variety of small fruits like:
  • Apricots
  • Nectarines
  • Mandarines
  • Passionfruits
  • Small apples
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Strawberries

One thing to be aware of when chosing your fruit, is that some fruits (like
strawberries), will stain if you are not careful. Just wrap them in cellophane, and you
won't have to worry about everything getting stained.
Make sure you use small pieces of fruit. This will allow you to make a fairly decent
sized bouquet, without having to worry about your arm dropping off when you're
carrying it!

Once you've chosen your fruit, you need to wire the fruit into the bouquet. You will
need to use heavy gauge wire, which you can get from your local flower shop.

You can either put the wires straight through the fruit and then tape the wires, or
you can wrap the fruit in cellophone first, and then wire and tape.

The next thing to do is add some leaves to the bouquet. I like to use big leaves, as
they make it look like the fruit is hiding in the leaves. This make the fruit bouquet
more subtle, and stops it from looking like a fruit basket.

You can also cut a bunch of leaves off a fruit tree and wire the fruit amongst the
leaves. Make sure the branch is fairly straight. This will allow you to tape the branch,
and will add a more bridal look to the bouquet.

Finally, place some ribbon bows near the leaves, to soften the fruit bouquet, and to
add some elegance.

As you can see, it isn't too hard to make a fruit bouquet, and it's definitely
something you should consider if you want something a little more interesting than
a regular flower bouquet for your wedding. And there's the added advantage, that if
you get hungry later, you've got something handy to eat!

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