Tuesday, February 25, 2014

5 Considerations When Choosing Your Man's Wedding Ring

You're getting married, and among the myriad decisions to make is what type of wedding ring he will wear. Men and women wear wedding rings for the same reason: to show that they have made a total commitment to each other, their relationship, and their marriage. Perhaps the only difference is that, for women, it isn't a question; for men, it sometimes takes a little more thought. Here are some things you should know before choosing your groom's wedding ring and placing an order:

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Will it be comfortable?
Most men rate the comfort factor high on their list of requirements for a wedding band. Since a man's wedding ring is apt to be more streamlined than a woman's, it is often easier to build in comfort with the shape of the edge or the cut of the metal. When you're looking for a ring that will feel good on your man's finger, know that styles with softly rounded or curved edges are likely to be more comfortable. Ring designers call these "comfort fit" bands (or something similar).

Will the ring be appropriate for his lifestyle?
How dies he spend his time? Does he like the theatre or a ball game? Does he enjoy five-star restaurants or ordering in pizza? Does he run in the morning and pump iron or avoid exercise like the plague? There are no right or wrong answers; there are only your answers, which have a direct bearing on the of a man wedding ring. Elegant or rough and tumble, what kind to wear or whether to wear one at all is your choice.

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Will it reflect his personality?
When women make choices about rings and other elements of their weddings, they consider their personalities. The same should apply to men. It's important to find a match between this very important fashion accessory and who he is. Is he no frills or flamboyant, conservative or flashy, consistent or mercurial? It's worth the time to consider these questions. If you dress classically and work in a formal environment, a fancy, diamond wedding band just isn't for him. Don't opt for a passing fad in jewelry; he's going to be wearing this ring for a long time.

Will this wedding band fit within my budget?
Obviously, men's wedding bands are going to vary widely in terms of price. Every element changes the cost - metals, materials, width, gemstones, style, design, and labor, to name just a few. When choosing a man's wedding band, you really should shop around and do your homework. You know what you or he can afford. Don't allow yourself to be talked into something you will regret later.

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Which metal and style does he prefer?
Many men like plain gold bands, with or without a design element, such as a braid, an inlay of a second metal, or engraving. But that is often because they don't know how many choices there are in metals. Gold comes in yellow, white, and rose. Platinum is white, more expensive than gold, and sometimes easier to bend out of shape. Titanium is high tech and strong. Tungsten carbide -- black or steel grey in color -- is another strong, high-tech metal used in men's wedding bands.

For men who like the latest in technology, that can also be found in how the ring is made, including wave styles or fusion rings that bring together different colors of gold in unusual patterns. Combining metals creates exquisite designs and different shapes, such as jigsaw or puzzle rings, Celtic knots, Claddagh rings, and other uniquely cultural styles.

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