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Wedding Honeymoon Trends - The Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

One of the most thrilling parts about getting married is taking a honeymoon vacation after your wedding. Following months of wedding planning and worrying about wedding details, your honeymoon will come as a welcome break and an opportunity for you to enjoy spending some quality time with your new spouse. Because your honeymoon is the first trip you take as a married couple, you want it to be set in a very special place.
When you plan your honeymoon, you'll find that there are countless options to consider. However, not all honeymoon locations are created equal. Today, more and more newlywed couples are choosing certain destinations for their honeymoons.
Affordability, accessibility, beautiful scenery and a multitude of activity options are a few of the reasons why some honeymoon locations are more popular than others. So, where are the top locations for honeymoons? Read on and discover the latest honeymoon destination trends. You just may find an exciting option that will inspire your honeymoon.
The most popular honeymoon destinations are:


Idyllic scenery, quiet secluded beaches and turquoise blue water welcome you in the island country of Aruba. Located in the southern Caribbean off the coast of South America, Aruba is truly a honeymoon destination where you can get away from it all. The capital of Oranjestad offers fine dining and some of the best nightlife in the Caribbean. Honeymooners can enjoy Vegas-style shows and casino gambling downtown. Couples who want to spend lazy days at the beach and top off the night with drinks and sizzling nightlife will be very happy with a honeymoon in Aruba.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia

When you arrive in St. Lucia, you'll be transported into tropical paradise. Lush vegetation, dark volcanic sand beaches and lively nightlife characterize this little island in the Caribbean. All-inclusive resorts like Sandals make it easy to plan a honeymoon in St. Lucia, whether you like to relax on the beach all day or enjoy hiking and water sports. If a exploring a tropical rainforest by day and winding down with a catamaran cruise at sunset is your idea of paradise, then St. Lucia is the perfect honeymoon spot for you.


Riviera beaches, rich culture, amazing food and friendly locals are quickly making Italy a top destination for honeymoons. An Italian honeymoon is the trip of a lifetime and although it can be more expensive than other choices, many couples feel its well worth it. Italy offers many treasures to visitors, from the famed sights of Rome, to the verdant green landscapes of Tuscany, to the art of Florence, the glitz of the Italian Riviera and the romance of Venice. Couples who want to explore rich history and experience a new culture would be wise to choose Italy as their honeymoon destination.



When you take your honeymoon in Hawaii, you'll find plenty of sandy beaches, dramatic scenery and opportunities for adventure around every corner. Hawaii offers honeymooners more than just the chance to relax on picturesque beaches. After enough fun and sun, couples can spend time driving along rocky seaside cliffs, going to a luau or hiking a volcano. Non-stop service from airports in California makes Hawaii a very accessible honeymoon destination. If you want to mix a little adventure into your beach honeymoon, Hawaii is right honeymoon destination for you.

The Bahamas


Candy colored Bahamian style buildings in quaint towns, shimmering beaches and Eden-like gardens await you in the islands of the Bahamas. Not far from the coast of southern Florida, the Bahamas are a quick plane ride away from the United States. A honeymoon in the Bahamas is perfect for brides and grooms who'd like to spend their vacation exploring botanical gardens, shopping in straw marketplaces and swimming in crystal blue waters.
When you choose one of these top locations for your honeymoon, you'll know that your first vacation as a married couple will be nothing short of spectacular. Now that you know the best places to go, choosing your honeymoon destination will be one of the easiest decisions you make during your wedding planning. No matter which destination you pick, you and your new spouse will have a wonderful time and create memories to last a lifetime.

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