Monday, November 25, 2013

Pretty Pastels - The Trendy Colors for Your Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is choosing the color for your bridesmaids dress. Other than choosing a dress that the bridesmaid will like, you also have to consider the theme of the wedding and the tone -religion, casual, elegant etc. Your bridesmaids dress color is important because they will be important members of the wedding party and will be posing with you in a lot of pictures. Choosing a bridesmaid's dress color that will compliment your wedding dress and the overall wedding color theme is crucial to a picture perfect wedding.

Pale Blue
Pale Green
Pale Yellow

Pastel colors can be used for bridesmaid dresses because they are feminine and gentle. These variations of traditional colors go well with white or other neutrals. Pastel colors are the hot trends for this spring and summer season. The following pale shades compliment the bridesmaid's natural skin and color. Pale blue, pale green, pale yellow or lavender is all nice alternatives to pink. These colors will look best during a daytime wedding in spring or summer. These shades don't always look good on older bridesmaids.

Powder Pink
Eggshell Blue
Alternate colors like powder pink, cream, lilac and eggshell blue are some of the popular colors for bridesmaid dresses because they look perfect with the bride's white or ivory shade of the wedding dress. These colors have a timeless appeal and are suitable for most wedding styles.

Robin's egg blue is a great alternative pastel color to use when you don't want pink. Pale lemon yellow is nice and cheerful color to use for your bridesmaid. Pale yellow truly reflects spring. Some people believe that pastels are bleak and old fashioned but they are stylish and very sexy. If your wedding dress is a classic white then choosing pastels colors like light blues, pinks and oranges is ideal.

When choosing one of these colors for your bridesmaid, you have to look at her skin tone, whether it's light or dark. Also look at whether her hair is dark or fair. For lighted skin and fair haired bridesmaids, pastel colors will make them look washed out and tired. Generally deep colors like midnight blue or emerald are compatible with most skin tones and hair colors.
These alternate shades are not for everyone so you will want to take that into consideration and think carefully about making your final decisions.

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