Saturday, November 9, 2013

Add A Unique Touch With A Purple Wedding Cake!

Purple is an extremely popular color for weddings. From dresses to flowers, there is a purple that flatters everyone. It is also the color of royalty and meditation and comes in so many shades that it can rejuvenate you or help you find your center. Go beyond flowers and attire and choose a shade to include on your cake and it will please your guests.

From a deep plum to a light lilac and everything in between, there is a color of purple for your cake on your wedding day. You may not want to go overboard with a completely purple cake, but adding details in lavender or wisteria may be just the touch of purple your cake needs.

Having one tier frosted in a light purple is a great way to break up the traditional white wedding cake. You can complement your purple with swirls or piping in yellow and silver gray. Yellow is purple's complementary color on the color wheel, so the combination of the two will be very striking. The touch of silver will soften the contrast and make your cake look like a piece of edible art.

While purple flavors are not particularly popular for wedding cakes, you could have your cake decorator create marzipan fruits that are purple. Imagine our cake covered in decorative grape vines, dark plums, or luscious figs. You can have your cake decorated with violets, which you are able to eat or have sprigs of lavender scattered about the cake table. If you are looking for a purple flavor, you could have fresh figs served with your cake and offer lavender infused tea or cookies.

Purple can be a magical color and when used properly on your wedding cake, all of your guests will be mesmerized by the design.
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