Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Traditional Italian Wedding Favors

Giving wedding favors is a tradition in most countries. As a place known for its love for romance, passion and the good life, Italy loves social celebrations such as weddings. It can be as grand, luxurious, and expensive as it can be, but for those who have simpler weddings in the hills, it is no less lovely and romantic than a grandiose wedding.

Everything in an Italian wedding speaks of its culture, and that culture is almost synonymous to romance itself. For the wedding favors, here are the traditional wedding favors that are given. While you can give an updated version of these favors, you can also stick to these simple favors that reflect love in true Italian fashion.

- Coffee spoons

Known for their love for coffee, coffee spoons are traditionally given as wedding favors all throughout Italy. They are cute, and you can personalize them by engraving your names or your initials on the handle.

- Coasters 

 As another coffee-related favor, you can give personalized coasters that your guests can use as practical favors.

- Olive oil bottles

Famous for their pasta, as enjoyed throughout the world, olive oil is a primary ingredient not just in pasta dishes but in main courses in Italian recipes. Mini bottles of wine can be presented in itself, just place a small ribbon with a hang tag, or out a sticker label on the bottle for the wedding details.

- Wine - People of Italy enjoy wine in every day meals, so wine is all the more present in special occasions such as wedding. Your guests will definitely appreciate mini-bottles of wine as favors. For a greater appeal, opt for Italian wine as your choice of wine.

- Almonds and chocolates

Being a symbol of health, love, hope, and prosperity for Italians, almonds and chocolates are common favors that are given to symbolize the presence of each blessing. You can place them in boxes instead of small bags as boxed packaging is also important and looks more appropriate and presentable in an Italian wedding.

These favors are readily available in local bridal stores or they can be purchased online. You do not need to contact suppliers from Italy because most online stores carry these items as well (as well as other traditional or seasonal themes).

More importantly, you should observe Italian customs and traditions during the wedding. And to cap off a truly memorable wedding, giving them these traditional Italian favors will make them feel honored and special as they leave your wedding.


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