Monday, October 14, 2013

Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring is the time of new life, beginnings, and adventure. The weather starts to warm up as the sun slowly emerges. And, the surrounding starts to turn green. Then, the flowers start to bloom. That is why spring wedding is getting popular.

Think of bouquet of flowers, bulb of flowers, pot of herbs, group of butterflies, group of dragonflies, breeze of spring, and garden of vegetables as the wedding themes. Decorate the wedding with abundance of flowers and green. The wedding can also have an accent of Easter feel as Easter falls on the spring time.

Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Centerpieces
The spring wedding flowers are a variety of magnolia, sweet peas, lilies of the valley, ranunculus, snowdrops, tulips, and anemones. The anemones are a Dutch flower with vibrant petals, and dark centers. To add an Easter feel, the hyacinth, irises, and daffodils works best.

Pink Wedding Dress
Lavender Dress
Yellow, pink, lavender, and green are classic colors for the spring wedding. The colors works for wedding dress too. In fact, the colored wedding dress is trendy and fashionable. Moreover, the spring is the best time to take a chance to be daring, delicious, and adventurous. The bride can actually get away with pink, tan, or beige wedding dress. For the groom, the chocolate or mocha brown suit will work perfectly.

Outdoor Tent Wedding
The weather in spring can be very unpredictable. Prepare for a change of weather within hours. Have several plans for sunny, foggy, windy, and rainy day. For example, an outdoor event tent can be very handy during rainy days.
Decorate the center of the table at the reception with a bulb of flower on a clear glass and water resin. For example, a bulb of pink or white tulip flower sets in a clear glass and water resin. Another example, a bulb of pink magnolia flower with twigs and leaves set in a clear glass, and water resin. And lastly but not least, a bulb of snowdrop flower set in clear glass and water resin.

Hanging Lantern
Votive Candle
For romantic mood, there is nothing like a candle light. To make the candle light to work, the wedding must start a little later. To hang a metal lantern also works. The candle in glass votive that is tied up in an organza ribbon can also be placed on each table. It can work as a wedding favors too.

Herb Centerpieces

The centerpiece for the wedding reception can be a garden of herbs, and flowers. The pots of rosemary, thyme, or other herbs will work. The shrub espaliers which can grow in many geometric shapes and sculptures looks beautiful as a centerpiece.

Use the freshness of herbs, vegetables, and fruits for the wedding menu. The strawberries, apricots, and rhubarbs are a party in your mouth during spring time. The fresh spinach, asparagus, and carrot are awesome on the side. The herbs can really spice up the menu as well.
The wedding in spring can be very tricky. The wedding will compete with proms for the venues. So, you must plan early. The weather can be tricky as well. The weather can change anytime. That is why it is good idea to have plan A and B. With spring time, you can play and have fun with colors. It is no wonder that spring wedding is getting popular.

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