Monday, October 14, 2013

Natural Twig Wedding Decorations

Sometimes the most simple decorations can be the most beautiful. Elements from nature often make the prettiest design ideas for a wedding. Something as simple as natural twigs can be used to enhance the style of your wedding in many creative ways.

For an outdoor wedding, it feels very harmonious to decorate with elements from your surroundings. After all, nothing is more majestic than the beauty found in nature. This same concept can also be used to bring the outdoors into an indoor venue, which can be a stunning effect.

There are countless ways that simple twigs can be used to have a big impact at a wedding. One of the most impressive ideas is to use natural branches to handcraft a canopy or Chuppah for your ceremony. For the most earthy look, allow the intertwined twigs and branches to speak for themselves. This is perfect if the bride will be barefoot with a simple dress and delicate handcrafted bridal jewelry.

Natural does not have to be so earthy, though, if your wedding is going to be dressier. That same canopy of branches can be spectacular when adorned with flowers. An array of white flowers will really stand out against the color of the branches. You can also have the florist weave in some vines amongst the twigs.

Escort Card Tree
Once you move on to the reception, you will find many creative uses for the twigs. As your guests arrive, have them greeted by a handmade tree bearing the escort cards. The cards can be shaped like leaves and suspended from the branches of your "tree". To make it more festive, add a few flowers to the twigs.

Nest Centerpieces
If you are planning a spring wedding, a wonderful idea for reception decorations would be to create little nests from the twigs. They can be placed on the tables as centerpieces (especially as part of one of the natural landscape table designs that are so popular right now). You can also use the little twig nests as accents on side tables, such as the guest book stand.

The twig nests can be decorated in a few different ways. You can find some really lovely little feather birds to perch on the edge of the nests. Or you can keep it more simple by adorning the nests with just a few flower buds and perhaps some blue speckled "eggs". If you would like to make your nests a bit fancier, think about weaving some strands of faux pearls into the twigs. It will be as if little wedding birds picked up some pearl bridal jewelry to incorporate into their nests: very sweet.
Cherry Blossom Branch Centerpieces
There is no need to stop there. Branches or twigs can also be used as part of striking floral displays. Nothing says spring like branches of cherry blossoms, either real or paper. You can also go out and find your own natural elements to incorporate into your centerpieces, such as pussywillows or branches of bright yellow forsythia.

Wedding Cake
One of the most appealing things about using twigs and branches in your wedding design is that each one will be unique. It is great to get away from cookie cutter weddings that all look the same. When you bring the beauty of nature to your wedding, you will be sure to create a look that is as original as it is lovely.

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