Sunday, October 20, 2013

Love Is In The Air - Your Wedding Day Planning

These people have more than likely been working in this field for quite some time and have the experience necessary to make your wedding day perfect. They have the contacts and the knowledge - they know what works where and what won't. If this is the way you choose to go then you need to listen to them. Give them the time to unleash all those wonderful ideas that you haven't thought but that they have either organized or witnessed sometime during the course of their wedding planning careers. Really you can then sit back and enjoy the ride - indeed have all the fun while they - the wedding planners - rush around carrying out your plans. Having said that, both parties need to keep the communication channels wide open so that no misunderstandings occur.
There are various ways you can employ the services of a wedding planner. You may decide that you wish them to organize the whole celebration, or just to arrange some upfront details or maybe you just want them on hand on the day itself. If you are an organized person and would like to take over a number of the roles yourself that is ok. You can also delegate to willing members of your family. Your husband-to-be may like to be involved in the minutiae of the day also. What is he interested in sorting out? - The drinks, transport for the wedding party, the photographer or even the honeymoon.
If you elect to employ the services of a wedding planner this could be money well spent from a timing and stress relief point of view. However if you choose to use only part of the services of the Wedding Planner and to carry out the duties at which you and your family excel then, there are savings to be made. These savings could be put towards ...say for example...The Honeymoon.
You need to ask the right questions before proceeding with your contract. In fact take a step back. Did you hear of your Wedding Planner from someone who was well pleased with their efforts at a previous wedding? Have you read any of their testimonials or references? Does the planner appear easy to get on with? It is most important for you that the person you choose gets on well with you particularly as your wedding day draws near and stress starts to play havoc with wedding party nerves.

And even as we discuss the many ways your Wedding Planner can be involved in your wedding day processes, there are also many ways that wedding planners can be paid. Again you need to discuss these issues before proceeding with your agreement.
How does your Wedding Planner wish to be paid?
1 By the hour
2 In a lump sum - by flat fee
3 Maybe by percentage (generally 10 - 20% of the total cost of the wedding)
4 Maybe a combination of the above - could possibly reflect what the couple are happy with doing
5 Possibly the Wedding Planner may not charge you any money as they are maybe paid commission by the wedding professionals that they hire on your behalf i.e. the band.
However you decide to pay your Wedding Planner be sure that the methods of payment are agreed and decided up front.
And for your peace of mind always ensure that what ever is quoted and booked in your name is confirmed to you in writing. This of course includes the services of your Wedding Planner.

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