Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bridal Hair Flowers

Bridal hair flowers are an excellent choice for brides wanting an understated yet beautiful look for their bridal hair. The great positive too is that you can find extremely cost effective items that look fantastic but for a fraction of the cost of a tiara or coronet styled headdress.

Silk Flower

Flowers, flowers everywhere and especially in your hair! Options available to you are flowers made from pure silk. These are usually hand cut, shaped and fixed on to either hair pins or small combs. The great thing about silk is that you get a lovely muted colour that looks amazing for the photographs and you can embellish the centres of the flowers with either Swarovski crystals or even fresh water pearls. You can ask for lace backing that surrounds the flowers giving a deeper, richer look.
Fresh Water Pearls

Flowers can be made out of fresh water pearls or Swarovski pearls and you can add a coloured crystal centre to make this bridal headdress choice look really stunning. Look out for the Daisy Chain styles that we think are going to be a real hit with bright Sunflower yellow Swarovski centres surrounded by fresh water coin pearls! Then dot a few fresh water coin pearls on their own throughout the hair for a fabulous look!
Vintage brooches and jewellery can be taken apart and re-designed and worked into a unique hair flower design to match your theme and outfit. Look for small vintage Marcasite clip earrings as these can add depth to the design and surround these with silk or lace and you have a unique yet very cost effective bridal hair flower.
Vintage Wax Flowers
Wax flowers are going to be making a statement in 2013 we think. Vintage wax flowers are not always easy to come by but can be a really quirky alternative to your usual bridal headdress ideas.

Feather Flowers
Feather flowers are going to be the stars of 2013. There are some amazing designs out there already that include organza or silk with Swarovski detailing and a feature vintage Marcasite or crystal brooch. Look out for the Coq feathers!

Whichever way you decide to go with your flowers, a lovely idea is to try and tie your whole theme together so if you're going for roses, then have a rose design featured somewhere within your headdress.
Fresh Flower

Look out for a company who can work with you and your designs and most importantly your budget to create that one-off, bespoke creation just for you.

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