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Wedding Makeup, Go Natural

Wedding Makeup, Go Natural

Wedding Makeup, Go Natural

If you have a wedding coming up, you are probably like most brides and concerned over your makeup. After all, you are going to have several photographs on your wedding day and if your makeup is too heavy or caking; your photos are not going to come out very good. Moreover, the natural look for your wedding makeup is definitely the way to go because you look your best and while you have makeup on to hide any flaws as well as making you looks fresh, you do not want your makeup to be too thick or heavy.
First, if you are not planning to have your makeup professionally applied for your wedding day, you might want to reconsider. Having a makeup artist who understands colours and the natural look can make you look and feel fabulous. Remember, choose a makeup artist that specifically specializes in natural wedding makeup, you do not want to choose one that is keen on lots of colour and glitz, because that isn't the look you want for your wedding.

Typically, the natural look for a wedding is base that hides any flaws that may be visible on your face followed by enhancing the eyes. This gives you a very polished look so that you do not feel like you are drowning in your makeup, and that way wearing it for several hours the day of your wedding is comfortable. Going with the natural look on your makeup also photographs better than very dramatic makeup. Of course, your photographer can do touch-ups to your professional photos, but many people will be snapping photos the day of your wedding.

Before your wedding day, make sure you get full beauty treatments for your skin, nails, and hair. By making sure your skin is exfoliated, hydrated, and clear, your makeup will apply much easier to your face and neck and you will look stunning. Remember, do not get a lot of sun or colour before your wedding, if you have fair skin and lay in the sun or tanning bed too long, you may end up with flaky skin.

Make sure you have several facials about once each week for about six weeks before your wedding, that way your skin is in the best shape when it comes time to apply the makeup. Don't allow stress to mess with your skin, because you know the wedding is stressful, this can cause a breakout on your face. Therefore, if the weight of the wedding is stressing you out, have a massage or two so you can relax, which will keep your skin looking better when your muscles are relaxed.

The week before the wedding many brides have trouble sleeping, which of course can lead to dark circles under the eyes. Therefore, if you are having problems sleeping, drink some relaxing tea such as chamomile or valerian as it will help you to sleep. On the day of your wedding, your makeup artist will not have to attempt to hide dark circles or other blemishes because you will have been taking care of your skin for the previous six weeks.

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