Friday, September 20, 2013

Seven Lovely and Simple Ideas for Your Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

I love the sort of down home rustic look for weddings that many brides are choosing these days. Maybe this is something you would like to do and here are some inexpensive ideas to help you along as you plan your centerpieces.

When planning to do DIY rustic centerpieces gather items such as wood, pine cones, grain stalks, bare-birch branches, wonderful leaves, dried grasses, small gourds and fruit (apples, pears, cranberries, citrus).
These things can be incorporated in so many different ways and all so gorgeous for your tables.
Here are some ideas to get your creative juices running.

Mason Jar

 1. Mason jars make a great container when filled with wildflowers, sunflowers, daisies or daffodils. and around the top of the jar tie twine or burlap with a little bow.

2. Mason jars also make great candle holders. Place sand or decorative small rocks in the jar as a way of anchoring the candle. Mason jars are made to withstand heat so that the candle burning should be just fine.
To give the candles a finished look, cut a two or three inch strip of burlap and wrap it around the jar and tie a bow in your theme color around the jar.

An almost elegant look is to cover the jar with paper doilies on the outside using a can of Spray Mount. Tie some strands of raffia around the jar. When lit it gives a magical glow through the doilies.

3. Take stalks of dried wheat and/or lavender and just tie a ribbon in theme colors tightly around them and set them up in the center of the table and scatter pinecones, berries or whatever you think looks good around the stalks.

 4. Create a wreath of burlap to place around a large candle holder or hurricane vase. You can find the Styrofoam wreaths at craft stores, or perhaps hobby or art supply shops

5. Bare-birch branches arranged in terracotta pots and secured with Quik-crete is a dramatic idea and hang LED votives from the bare branches.

6. An arrangement of beautiful and colorful fruits and vegetables that are non perishable in a rustic basket or cornucopia is another wonderful table centerpiece.

7. Buy 4" pots of flowers or herbs and depending on the size of your tables arrange a group of them in the center of the table on a bed of Spanish moss like florists use. Decorate the pots by tying raffia around tem or covering them with burlap.

These are some of the ideas I like for a chic rustic wedding centerpiece. The best part about them is they are fun to do and inexpensive and look simply stunning on your guest tables.

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