Monday, September 16, 2013

Create A Rustic Country Chic Wedding

A wedding is one of the most anticipated events of one's life. A day that comes with the promise of ever-lasting happiness and joy, a wedding is one fete that makes all the others pale in comparison to it. Gone were the days when all you need was a church with a priest and a ring to walk away hand-in-hand as 'just married'. In the present day and age, couples like to experiment with unique wedding themes and ideas and what is emerging as a prevailing trend is a rustic country chic wedding.

Embellished with country theme wedding favours, you can transform your knot-tying ceremony into something that achieves the perfect balance between style and sophistication. Set against a backdrop of natural beauty, you can use all that a country has to offer to your advantage on your big day.

While a country wedding idea is absolutely impressive with all its appeal, the decorations can be a bit challenging, but then again, it is your wedding and any effort you are willing to put into the decor is worth it. All you have to do is to play up the beauty surrounding you to have a rustic chic country wedding only imaginable in one's dreams. A bit of glimmer here and a pinch of glamour there, with the right wedding decor, you can easily establish the notion of getting hitched happily.

Some ideas to complement your country themed rustic wedding are listed below. If you think that a rustic country wedding is about using hay bales to serve as seats for your guests as you feed them fried chicken, you are in for a big surprise. When a country themed wedding is what you seek, there is more to it than meets the eye.

The Wonderful Wedding Dress 

The bride's gown plays a vital role into manifesting the overall look and feel of the wedding. Choosing the right attire for the bride is a good place to get started. What you need is a gown that atone the natural charm around you with a touch of elegance and sophistication about it. A plain gown with more subtle embellishments and gracious cuts has the potential to accentuate the appeal of the country theme many folds.

Country Themed Accessories

Rustic Wedding Necklace
Rustic Wedding Veil
Rustic Wedding Shoes
Keep in mind that even the accessories should go along with the theme and, therefore, should also suggest elegance and style. Handcrafted bridal jewellery is in vogue these days and you will never have to worry about being over the top with it. Next come your veil and shoes. Just make sure that your veil is not dragging on the ground and your heels do not get stuck in the grass.

Fabulous Food

For a country themed wedding, the menu should be something truly celebrating the gifts of nature, while coupling great taste with thoughtful presentation. For a country wedding, you actually have lots of terrific choices when it comes to the menu.

Fascinating Floral Decorations

The same rule applies to floral decoration- simple yet stylish simultaneously. Go for centrepieces that do not look like total contrasts. Instead of settling for something expensive, use flowers that you can see around you. As for vessels, they should be chic but not pretentious.

With all the above country wedding ideas, you can easily pull off a marriage ceremony with rustic decor. Livening up your big day, country theme wedding favours are your added extra to have that simply stunning bash that inspires awe.

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