Friday, September 27, 2013

Bridal Shower Games - Get the Party Started!

Bridal showers celebrate the joy of "two" who will become one. A time for family and friends to share the joy with the happy couple. Many times a wedding shower is the first time family members on the other side of the aisle will meet. This sometimes awkward situation can be turned around with a few light-hearted shower games. Bridal shower games will help break the ice and stimulate a party mood. In addition to being a lot of fun, bridal shower games are a great way to encourage your guests to mingle, relax and enjoy themselves. Get your wedding shower off to a fast fun start with these crowd-friendly bridal shower party games:

The Wedding Song Game
Find out who knows their wedding songs as players try and complete the titles of these most popular tunes played at weddings! A great bridal shower ice-breaker.

Bridal Shower Trivia

What is the average age a woman marries? Who should propose the toast at the wedding? Find out who can answer these bridal shower trivia questions! Get the party going with this fun bridal shower game.

Romantic Movies Word Scramble
Movie goers will love this game as they race to unscramble the titles of 25 big screen love stories, from Gone with the Wind to Titanic. Get your guest talking with this fun bridal shower game!

My Candy Bar Wedding Night

Funny, funny, funny! Players must use the candy bar names listed to write a story about the bride and groom's wedding night! Names include Whoppers, Whatchamacallit, Sugar Daddy, Runts, and more. Players then read their stories aloud. This is a hilarious bridal shower game!

Bridal Bingo

A popular shower game. Players mark off each item as the guest of honor opens each gift. First to get Bingo wins! Gifts include towels, blender, coffee maker, iron, toaster, crystal, gift certificate, utensils, china, and more. The perfect bridal shower game for all ages!

These days, bridal showers are not limited to "just the gals." Many "wedding showers" are being thrown that includes both the bride and groom and their friends. Sometimes called a "Jack and Jill" shower, coed wedding showers are quite popular and a great way for all wedding party members to get to know each other. The bridal shower game list should include games that would be of interest to both guys and gals. Try some of these bridal shower games for Jack and Jill Shower suggestions:

Name that Tool
Men love to talk tools! This game is sure to make the guys chuckle as they watch the gals struggle! Who will guess the most -- the guys or the gals? A fun couple wedding shower game!

Name that Spice

The gals turn to chuckle! This game is an old classic that's been around a long time. How many guys can name the spices? A couple wedding shower game sure to generate laughter!

Famous Couples

Celebrity fans will love showing their expertise at this star studded matching game! Players must match each celebrity with his/her correct partner!

Famous Husbands/Famous Wives

Men play this while women play Famous TV Wives. Which team will know the most?

Animal Mates
Find the animal experts at the party as each guest tries to match each animal with its appropriate mate! Example: rooster & hen. This wedding shower game is great for couples.

No matter what your shower party theme or venue, bridal shower games make the party fun and memorable for your bride and guests!


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