What could it be more romantic than saying your "I Do's" with the clear blue sky towering above you, the whistling fresh breeze of wind from the sea, and the sweet-smelling flower blooming garden around you? This is the season where you can be married mostly witnessed by our mother nature.

To make your dream wedding come to life, here are some stylish tips and ideas to have a wonderfully sunny and cheerful wedding this summer.

Wedding dress - Yes, it is always the first thing a bride considers when planning on their wedding. A summer wedding dress should be comfortable to wear. This season is the most colorful season, so a lot of bright hues can be chosen for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. A bride can slip-on a sleeveless, spaghetti strap or strapless dress. This is also a time for the bride to break out from the traditional white wedding dress, she can go for a pastel shades dress, baby pink, or blue dresses. Since most of the wedding this season is done outdoors, so choose a light fabric like chiffon, Georgette or light silk. Always go for light make up as you don't want to be smearing with it when you walk down the aisle. The groom and the groomsmen can opt for light colored ensembles.

Garden Wedding
Vineyard Wedding
Setting - This season offers a wide range of wedding places than the other seasons. An outdoor wedding is the best known setting this time of year like garden wedding, which gives you the romantic and wonderfully scents of flowers around you. You can also go for a vineyard theme wedding, which gives you the best backdrop of sprawling green vines! A destination wedding setting can also be considered, you can do the beach wedding theme, luau theme wedding, and tropical wedding theme, as all of these themes gives you a common denominator, beach! A summer destination for everyone!

Flowers and fruits - As we all know summer gives you a wider range of flowers in bloom than any other seasons. Not just flowers, a variety of seasonal fruits are available in the market, so combining flowers and fruits on your wedding decorations fulfill the true essence of summer wedding. You can have flowers like, lilies, sunflowers, peonies, and roses. You can choose tropical fruits like pears, apples, mangoes, kiwis, banana and coconut.

Wedding Favors - There is also a wide range of favors to consider this season. For a garden wedding theme, you can opt for potted plants, flower seeds, olive oils, parasols, flower bottle stoppers, etc. For a vineyard wedding theme, you can choose to give your guests favors like corkscrew, miniature wine, or bottle stopper. For a destination wedding, you can go for a seashell shaped candles, sea creatures cookie cutter, custom made starfish figurines, and flip flop chains.

Food - This is the most important part of your wedding. This sets the expectation of the guests to the highest level. The food choices for this wedding is simple, you can choose from lots of tropical fruits on your menu, a freshly harvested herbs and vegetables from the garden. You can also do barbecue, picnic style, grilled fish, smoked salmon, if you are having a backyard reception. For a beach wedding you can have fresh seafood like lobster, shells, and oysters. Your beverages can include tropical fruit shake, smoothies and juices. Desserts can include fruit salad, sorbets, and some ice cream.

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