A year is composed of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. As the four seasons follow each other in rotation, it is highly necessary for brides-to-be to choose right and suitable bridal dresses accordingly to remain in the spotlight, while maintaining stylish, comfortable and beautiful. Below are several top tips for brides-to-be to pick and choose the most suitable wedding gowns in different seasons.

Spring Wedding Dresses

In spring, brides look warm, fresh and energetic. Although, the weather is starting to become warm in spring, brides may sometimes feel a little cold. Under the circumstance, it is good for brides to choose full sleeves wedding gowns made of mid-weight cotton or satin. If the wedding ceremony is held in the open air, brides had better wear shawls to keep out the wind and the cold. If the wedding ceremony is held indoors, brides can be free to select styles and fabrics of their bridal gowns according to their preferences.

Summer Wedding Dresses

In summer, brides look enthusiastic and sexy. As the temperature is very high in summer, it is better for brides to select summer wedding gowns, made of lightweight materials, like silk or crepe, to keep cool. Besides, for numerous stylish brides, who want to show their voluptuous figures, strapless or backless wedding gowns, made from light fabric, are their best choices. What is more, mini wedding dresses enjoy a great popularity among fashionable brides in summer and can also double as clutches for their wedding ceremonies.

Autumn Wedding Dresses

In autumn, brides look mature and graceful. Since, autumn is hot in the daytime and cold at night, it is suggested that brides should wear wedding dresses with medium length sleeves, made of lightweight satin and lace to remain cool during the day and wear shawls, made from plastic or gauze, at night to keep warm. In addition, if the brides feel cold the whole day in some areas, they can take bridal gowns with more coverage and lightly heavier fabrics into account.

Winter Wedding Dresses

In winter, brides feel pure, quiet and elegant. Considering the nippy weather, perhaps, it is much difficult for brides to choose suitable wedding cloth in winter. For one thing, brides should attach great importance to the defense against the bitter cold. For another thing, brides should also avoid being cumbersomely dressed. Marriage experts recommend bridal gowns with long sleeves, ornamented with laces and embroideries, to brides in winter to show their unique charms.

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