A beach wedding can really be a dream come true for many bridal couples. Many couples don't know if they can afford one, or if they should even consider one. Other family members may have set ideas about what a wedding should be like, and standing ankle-deep in sand off a windy ocean may not be their idea of a good time. Here are some reasons to consider having a beach nuptial setting:

Beach weddings can cut down on costs if done the right way. Some public beaches allow beach weddings, but even if you must pay a fee to have a wedding at a beach, it is often much less of a fee than for other popular indoor weddings. Keep in mind that if you have a wedding on a public beach, other tourists will be free to walk through the ceremony. Try and find a beach you can reserve. Also, try to have a wedding in the off-season if it is in a tourist destination, but make sure the weather is still nice enough to be outside.

The savings really come into focus when you consider how much money you will save on decorations. A beach wedding supplies most of its own decorations. What could be more beautiful than the sun setting over a restless ocean while you exchange vows? There is no need for extravagant flower arrangements, and there are no pews or walls to decorate. Just sand, sunshine, and water.

Weddings at the beach can be simple, regal affairs. They lend themselves to a kind of relaxed elegance. Because there is so much beauty already present and because the wedding will take place outside and at the mercy of the elements, the dress is less formal and more plain than it might be in a church wedding. Some people find this simplicity highly desirable. This is another way to save money, because the bridal couple and bridal party, if there is one, usually wear less-expensive clothing than they would at a more traditional wedding.

A beach wedding has character. Anything goes at a wedding at the beach. You can wear cut-off shorts or a white lace bikini if you want to. Taking the wedding outside the constraints of the expected means you can decide for yourself which parts of a mainstream ceremony you want to keep, and which you don't want to incorporate, and you can dream up elements that are all your own.

Beach weddings can be destination or fairytale weddings. You might want to incorporate a romantic destination into your beach wedding idea. Maybe you want to start the honeymoon early and spend two weeks on an island with only your closest friends and family. If a large wedding isn't for you, having a destination wedding is a good way to create a more intimate experience without hurting the feelings of those who did not get invited.

Some couples like to make a destination beach wedding a chance for the new families to get to know each other by planning a vacation for all the wedding guests during the week leading up to the wedding. Family reunions might also be incorporated into a destination beach wedding, or the couple could use the destination wedding as a way to extend the honeymoon budget.

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