You and your fiancé have written your own vows. You know just what the person presiding over your wedding will say. And, while you've probably practiced these lines several times you may want to add some wedding quotes to your ceremony and make your special day even more memorable. Here's how to pick some heartfelt quotes and readings that will make your wedding day unforgettable.

It is fairly easy to find wedding quotes, since there are thousands of books and essays on the subject; the trick is finding the words that truly reflect your relationship. You'll want to choose quotes that mean something to the both of you; try going with your favorite author, or choosing a specific theme on which you both agree . If you have a certain quote or poem that you especially like pertaining to love, see how this will fit into the ceremony. You may even choose to have guests simply read the passage without your having to recite it out loud. Also, using an excerpt from a poem on your wedding invitations or wedding programs is a very nice touch, and makes the words even more timeless.

If you do decide to read a wedding quote aloud at your wedding, carefully choose where this will fit in the ceremony. You don't have to read the quote yourself; you can ask family members or friends who are not already in the wedding party to read a passage during a time when there may be another activity going on, such as after the prayer, when the bride and groom are still kneeling at the altar, or during the lighting of the candles. There's not really a time limit on wedding quotes or readings, but you'll want to keep the passage on the short side. Most people have short attention spans and you don't want to make the ceremony longer than it has to be. An excerpt from a song, such as 'I Do' (E. Walter Smith), may also be appropriate at these places in the ceremony. If you want to incorporate wedding quotes into your recessional, you may want to recite these words to the music of 'We Married' (E.Walter Smith) to combine a memorable song with timeless spoken sentiments.

Traditional wedding quotes are also a good choice; these verses or chants can be set to music as well, and will add to the classiness of the ceremony when you time them just right. The Old and New Testaments of the Bible contain many beautiful verses concerning love and marriage. All of these can be found in Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Genesis, and Hosea. Jewish families usually include the Seven Blessings (Sheva B'rachot) in their wedding ceremony. This is a series of blessings thanking God for man and woman, as well as the gift of marriage. The Sheva B'rachot also pronounces blessings on the couple for the promise of children. In most cases, the bride and groom ask seven friends or seven members of the family to read one blessing each. If you or your fiancé are Buddhist, there is a marriage homily that can be repeated either at the ceremony or during the reception.

You can also use African proverbs, Native American chants, or a poem by Shakespeare as your wedding quote. While you may read the whole song, chant, or poem in your ceremony, you can use an excerpt from the larger piece to accent your wedding programs and invitations.
You could also ask the minister presiding over your wedding to recite the quote to the congregation, or you and your mate could recite the quote to another, alternating lines or verses. And, don't forget about the reception; the best man, parents of the bride and groom, and wedding party may all have informal speeches prepared, so you and your spouse can organize something creative to say to all your loved ones as well. If you want to give your parents or father of the bride a special tribute during the reception, the heartfelt 'Little Girl' (E. Walter Smith) is a great choice; you can incorporate your speech or well wishes into the song's intro right before the dance.

Once you've chosen the quotes and music for your wedding, don't forget to take in all of the good things about your special day. You should be very pleased with the music and words you've chosen--if you're able to capture these moments, you'll have fond memories each time you hear 'your songs.' Enjoy!

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