Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic days of the year, and it is a great time to get married. If you are one of the lucky Valentine's brides, then you will surely want to bring some of this romance into the design of your wedding. There are many ideas for creating a charming Valentine's wedding cake.

The traditional colors of Valentine's Day are red, pink, and white, and these are great colors to use on a cake design. You can choose to use just one or two, or go all out and design a cake using all three colors. You can use some of the classic Valentine's motifs, or you can choose a more modern design.

The most old-fashioned and sweet Valentine's motifs include hearts, cherubs and Cupid, and lace. Picture the vintage Valentine's Day cards that were lovingly handmade with pretty pink or red paper and lacy white paper doilies. This would be a fantastic inspiration for your wedding cake. Imagine a cake that is pale pink with red fondant cupids cavorting around the layers.

A very feminine look would be a pale pink cake with an intricate lace or doily design over it. To keep with the idea of old-fashioned femininity, each layer could be trimmed out with a faux pearl border, made to look like timeless pearl bridal jewelry. You could either go with a simple row of frosting "pearls" spaced around the cake, or you could have the baker create a realistic looking strand of pearls with a fancy clasp, strung around the center tier of the cake like its own bridal jewelry (which is a very hot trend in wedding cakes, and a nice way to marry old-fashioned design with current trends).

If you prefer a more bold and graphic wedding cake, then go with a red and white palette. A really fantastic design for a cake would be a strong pattern, such as a jacquard or scroll, done in red fondant over a white cake. This would be a wedding cake that will make a strong focal point for your reception.

More whimsical brides can find other ways to take advantage of a Valentine's theme cake. One of everyone's favorite parts of the holiday is the conversation hearts - those little heart shaped candies that have sayings on them, like "Be mine" or "You're the one". An idea for a very unique and fun wedding cake would be to have a cake in a white or pale pink background color, and then have larger than life conversation hearts done in fondant and scattered around the cake. The hearts should be large, so that they make a bold statement and are easy to read. In addition to the classic conversation heart phrases, be sure to include ones with the names of the bride and groom.

One of the neat things about Valentine's Day is that it means something a little different to each couple. When you are designing your wedding cake, choose a style that expresses your sentiments. Whether you prefer something ultra romantic, sophisticated and a little sexy, or fun and kitschy, you will end up with a unique wedding cake that will wow your guests.

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