Described to be beautiful flowers in the rose family and graced with soft and smooth petal texture, purple roses deserve the attention people accorded to these species. They are appreciated because these flowers are meant to convey everlasting love. They are encountered in shades of eggplant, lavender, lilac, pomegranate, violet and other organic elements.

Purple rose flowers share the origin of some rose species in terms of history. Their existence was traced back many years ago on the hills of Crete, a Greek island. Even in the ancient times some discoveries like paintings of purple colored rose flowers in some Egyptian tombs were evident. The propagation of these roses is done in variety of ways such as direct seed planting, budding, grafting, stem cutting, micro-propagation, hybridization and others.

Considered to be symbols of enchantment, majesty and style, purple rose flowers come in different varieties. Among them are: Angel Face, Della Reese, Ebb's Tide, Fragrant Plum, Purple Tiger, Midnight Blue and others. The shade of purple gives them astounding representation of everlasting love. Moreover, purple roses symbolize also "love at first sight" or simply understood as beginning of a new feeling of love. Nonetheless, they mean royalty, everlasting love and unequalled beauty. But when they are mixed with other flowers and colors, purple flowers may mean something new and different. Take a look some of the combinations.

Giving a delightful wedding
As an important event, wedding can be made memorable with purple rose arrangement. This can be done through mixing them with white colored flowers such as callas, carnations, lilies or roses. Having some blue and yellow shades of roses is also a desirable option to achieve a delightful contrast flower presentation.

Love at its purest
The combination of purple roses and immaculate white tulips is a strong statement of love at its purest state. These two elegant flowers are both expressive and effective even without a word from the giver when handed over to someone special and dear.

Expressive sympathy flowers
Being soft and expressive, purple rose flowers are well sought for wakes or funerals as they effective to deliver message of sympathy or condolences to the bereaved family members of the departed friend. They can be arranged and presented in a heart form or the traditional wreath laying manner.

Elegant bouquets for wonderful brides
Though they are not the usual flowers in bouquet for young brides, purple roses can be the perfect choice for elegant wedding as they symbolize everlasting love, majesty or royalty and beauty. To add the value of royalty, the mix of some white gladiola or snapdragon flowers is a welcome enhancement in the hand-tied bouquet.

Painting a smile on the face
Cheering up someone does not take a fortune so to speak. With the combination of purple rose and tallow freesia flowers in a bouquet will surely brighten up your friend's day. The right blend of these flowers and colors serves well the purpose.

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