In simple terms, groomsmen are the male counterparts of bridesmaids. Though this statement can be misleading and erroneous, it will nonetheless help one to understand the concept. The needs of the bride and the groom, that might arise in the run up for the wedding, will be different and hence the function of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.

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The significance and the key role played by the groomsmen cannot be compensated with any amount of gifts and other ways of thanks giving. However, grooms have always tried to compensate as much as possible through appropriate, elegant and even funny gifts; in fact anything that will say thank you for being so helpful.The list of groomsmen gifts are several and varied. This includes gifts like, silver plated memo pads; flip top card case, wood case pen set, and several others.

If you have a group of wine lovers as your groomsmen, then you can think about the classic engraving circle flask, which is a cool thing to carry around for the going to be James Bonds. This flask can carry six ounces and can be personalized with up to sixteen characters! Similar gifts include, shot glasses, classic shiny flask, maritime mug and shot glass set, engraved beer mug, black flask, stainless steel flask and giant beer mugs.

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Whether your groomsmen takes interest in smoking or not, they can certainly be made to feel special by gifting them some cool cigarette lighters. Whether they are having stogies during the bachelor party or sneaking out of the no-smoking reception hall for quick puff during the party, the groom and groomsmen deserve a top-of-the-line light, like the a chrome lighter.

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Time pieces have always mesmerized men folk for a mysterious reason. If you believe in investing in rare and elegant time pieces, here are some unique options for you. The chrome alarm clock, a silver plated brass desk clock, contemporary clock, or a vintage pocket clock can do what words can never do.

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And if you decide to complement the unusually formal and handsome outfits of your groomsmen, you can choose from a variety of cuff links like the love and happiness cuff links, father cuff links, oval cuff links, rectangular cuff links, to name a few. Moreover each of these cuff links can be personalized with up to 3 initials.

Traditionally marriages have been understood as an arrangement where the care taking of the bride is transferred to the groom form the bride's father. Need less to say, marriage was an unrestrained site of male chauvinism .Things have transformed and so has the meaning surrounding the institution of marriage.However, a faint sign of the concept of care taking still exists; not in a chauvinistic or the knightly chivalry way, but in a much more toned down and gender friendly way.

This feeling can be appreciated by symbolic groomsmen gifts like the locking pocket knife, a simple pocket knife, multiple purpose Swiss army pocket knife, premium money collection clips and a variety of cigar holders.

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