Many brides want to present their groom with a special gift to commemorate their most special day. There are some gift ideas to give your new husband that will be a cherished memento of the day you became man and wife long after the wedding is over.

Silver Money Clip
If your new husband is an up and coming executive who dresses for success, giving him a classy, silver money clip is a gift he will surely appreciate. Just think of him taking it out of his pocket to pay for a power luncheon and you will be right there with him. It will be sure to impress anyone who happens to notice his beautiful money clip so thoughtfully given to him by his wife.

18-Karat Gold Oval Cuff Links
No matter if your groom has a rented tuxedo or has his own, he will need cuff links to complete his attire. Giving him specially inscribed gold cuff links for him to wear at your wedding will be a gift he will treasure. Throughout your years of marriage there will be many events that he will be required to utilize a pair of cuff links and you can both reminisce about your wedding day each time he uses them.

A Fancy Dress Watch
Another accessory your groom may be lacking on his wedding day is a fine dress watch to wear around his wrist. Not only will he use it on your wedding day, but for formal events and perhaps even work. You can have a special message to him inscribed on the back and can feel you are with him whenever he is wearing it and you are not there.

Electronics for the Techno-Geek
If your groom like to be the first one on the block to have the latest and greatest gadgets, then perhaps buying him a digital camera may be an option you might want to consider. Every couple needs a digital camera and this gift will benefit the both of you as well as your family and friends to whom you can post happy and smiling pictures of the two of you. A 5th generation iPod video player is an entertainment system that fits neatly into his pocket. This can be a blessing if your new husband will be commuting to and from work each day. A portable DVD player or a new laptop may be appreciated as a gift for your new husband as well.

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