Calla lily wedding bouquets are becoming more and more popular as wedding flowers among soon-to-be brides. These flower arrangements are mostly chosen because they have a very elegant, stunning facade due to its effervescent colors. Actually, there are numerous wedding bouquet styles and designs a bride can choose from using these beautiful flowers.
  • Biedermeier Bouquet. This type of bridal bouquet creates an alternating shade of flower layers within a firm pattern. The florists can use any variety of flowers in this bouquet, other floral arrangements and center pieces. The most popular combinations of calla lilies include white with red roses at the bottom, purple with lily-of-the-valley, and orange with banksias. Add some foliage to the bottom of the bouquet and tie it all together with silk ribbons.

  • Nosegay. Create a simple yet stylish nosegay by means of a tussy-mussy. Tussy-mussy refers to a hand-held, cone-shaped, vase that holds the blossoms.
    Arrange the calla lilies in the tussy-mussy, so that you can lessen the space where the stems accumulate; also, make sure that the trumpet facade of the flower is facing in an outward direction. You can also make some nosegay mini calla flower bouquets for your bridesmaids. You can choose one color like white, or separate other colors for a more captivating look; like pink with white or red with pink. Finish it with satin ribbons, lace, and faux pearl strands.

  • Posy Bouquet.
    This is arranges with groups of flowers. Calla lilies are considered to be one of the best options in this kind of bouquet style. Arrange the flowers how you like and be sure that the trumpet part of the flower faces outward. Wrap the stems with wire to keep the stalks together and then wrap it with a cream white ribbon and place a bow on it. Slice the end of the flower stalks at a 45 degree angle to add more significance to the posy bouquet.

  • Cascading Bouquet.
    This calla lily wedding bouquet is rounded on the top layer, and then gradually flows downward. If you want to have a more formal finish to your bouquet, use only one color of and then add shrubbery to the arrangement. You can also mix in the Hawaiian orchid with red or yellow calla lilies in your arrangement for a more exotic look. Another alternative is possible by adding bright blue eryngiums with ferns.
These are some ideas of the different stunning and remarkable calla lily wedding bouquets a bride-to-be may choose on her special day. You can either make these wedding accessories on your own or ask your local florist to make them for you.

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